Clean, Clinical and Luxurious

Since 1999, Cosmedix have been cosmeceutical pioneers, creating products that deliver maximum results without any of the irritation and skin sensitivity associated with high-strength formulas.

Many years ago, consumers had fewer choices when it came to finding skin care that combined the best of both worlds: natural and botanical-based products smelled and felt nice on the skin but they weren’t as effective as their chemical-based counterparts that were often too harsh for most complexions. That’s how Cosmedix was born. By borrowing a revolutionary purification process from medicine known as Chiral Correction, they were able to formulate products using nature’s most potent ingredients in concentrations generous enough to really improve the quality of the skin. And all without causing irritation.

They don’t include any harsh acids in their formulas, or artificial dyes, fragrances, petrolatum or parabens. Instead they use plant-based antioxidants, milder AHAs, peptides and specialist encapsulation technologies to ensure all skin types and tones receive the best treatment. Key ingredients and complexes to look out for in their formulas are AGP Complex – a polysaccharide extracted from Larch trees which helps ingredients disperse more effectively in the skin – and LG-Retinex – a GAG-encapsulated blend of Retinol and Retinaldehyde which ensures maximum skin renewal without any of the dryness and sensitivity associated with using Vitamin A.

Cosmedix continues to be one of the leaders in cosmeceutical skin care all over the world and always sticks to its four key pillars of good skin maintenance: smarter exfoliation, better botanical ingredients, skin matrix support and continued Chiral Correction for superior product performance. No wonder it’s the choice of top dermatologists and aestheticians.