Gaylia Kristensen

State-of-the-art skin care from Australia

Launched in 2010, Gaylia Kristensen skin care marries the latest in scientific innovation with pure, luxurious Australian botanicals.

Inspired by the harsh Australian climate, Gaylia Kristensen set about crafting the best anti-aging formulas that would deliver results for skin that is exposed to the heightened temperatures and harsh environments that Australians experience on a daily basis. The result was a sophisticated range of products dubbed ‘medicine for the skin’ with each one requiring twice daily application to guarantee significant results.

They promise that the more consistently you use their products, the better and more long-lasting the results will be. A specialist Youth Complex and molecular poly-peptide and protein technologies take care of the visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, dullness and poor elasticity, while plant extracts and oils sourced from some of Australia’s best botanicals take care of dryness and rough texture.

Their advanced anti-aging serums and creams provide an instant tightening effect to the skin, while addressing the causes of premature ageing within the skin where it counts. To make finding the perfect formula for your skin, every product in the Gaylia Kristensen range is targeted towards a specific age group: those aged 25-30 should opt for the Eye Lift and Dream Cream; those over 30 should focus on using either the Utopia Serum or the White Magic Serum; and finally, those aged 40 and over will love the Passion Oil and Deluxe Firming Cream. Used alongside their cleanser and toner, all skin types can enjoy a clear, healthy complexion in as little as 30 days.

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