Claudia Fallah

Experts in Sensitive Skin Care

Achieve clinical results with minimal effort and zero downtime with Claudia Fallah, the eponymous range created by the aesthetic expert and renowned celebrity skin specialist.

After being hospitalised with a major skin trauma in her teenage years, which left her with extremely sensitive skin, Claudia struggled to find effective, natural skin treatments that could address the imbalances within her skin and prevent it from flaring up. Sick of the lack of natural, healing products on the market, Claudia took matters into her own hands and created her very own collection of genuinely natural formulas. Her products were created without the inclusion of harsh chemicals and parabens long before it became fashionable to take a more natural approach with skin care. In fact, Claudia Fallah were the first skin care company in Europe to use Sandalwood Nut Oil in their formulations. This botanical oil has proven anti-inflammatory and age-defying properties, which makes it a great anti-aging alternative for stressed and sensitive skins.

She went on to introduce the range to her clients at her London clinic back in 1999 and the results were so impressive, the range quickly became a must-have for everyone who visited Claudia for a treatment.

Now available in a few select clinics and retailers, Claudia Fallah products are dedicated to restoring and maintaining skin confidence. Each product has been formulated to soothe and repair delicate complexions, while providing relief from common skin concerns such as acne, ageing and dryness. Try the Intensive Repair Crème (the first product launched by Claudia) to improve the health sensitive skin and the Energizing Beauty Fluid (the first product to contain Sandalwood Nut Oil), for effective anti-aging without the use of harsh ingredients.

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