Custom-made skin care for all

Become your own mixologist and choose your very own skin care wardrobe with Codage.

Founded in 2010 by brother-sister duo Julien and Amadine Azencott, the Codage (which in French translates as code) range is based on the best bits of the traditional French pharmacy and focuses on the belief that real skin beauty can only be achieved by providing the skin with proper nourishment.

Each product in the range is formulated with safe, clean, high quality ingredients and developed in the Codage laboratory in the South of France. To allow for mixing and layering, the entire range – from the serums to the creams – is designed to work together and respond effectively to the skin’s changing needs from season to season and decade to decade.

To build perfect Codage skincare routine, you need three key steps: a prepare step to cleanse the skin (with the Micellar Water), an Act step to treat and correct (with one of the targeted serums) and a protect step to hydrate (with one of the moisturising creams). They also have refreshing waters to balance the skin, problem-solving body products, anti-aging eye creams and masks to tackle everything from breakouts to dullness. Not only that, but Codage have created a specialist collection of serums designed to care for the skin during each season of the year. As the temperatures change, the skin needs different nutrients and care to stay healthy, so Codage came up with the Oh My Cold serum (for Winter), the Spring Break serum (for Spring), the Summer Time serum (for Summer) and the Fall in Love (for Autumn).

Codage believe every complexion is unique and, therefore, deserves its own unique solution. Find yours today.