Pioneer in professional skincare

Precision formulas, scientific research and luxurious active ingredients, are at the heart of BABOR skin care.

After starting life in 1956 in Germany – with the black rose symbol of infinite beauty as their inspiration – BABOR offer one of the most inclusive and comprehensive selections of skin care in the world, with effective solutions for all aspects of your routine. Since day one, Dr Michael Babor and his team have been committed to creating products that deliver impressive results again and again.

From extreme sensitivity and breakouts to extrinsic ageing and dehydration, BABOR have created a wide range of topical products to treat some of the most complex yet common skin conditions. Each and every formula is developed in their labs in Germany by a passionate group of scientists and collaborators, to ensure the best quality is maintained throughout all their sub-ranges.

The Cleansing CP line focuses on gentle yet effective cleansing for all skin types through the use of clever double cleansing: first with the bi-phase HY-ÖL to remove impurities, followed by the appropriate PHYTOACTIVE cleanser to suit your individual skin’s needs.

They also offer a range of intensive treatments, packaged in ampoule form to ensure efficacy and potency for an extended period of time. Whether you want to tackle stress-induced pimples or cellulite, there is an ampoule for you. BABOR also have sub-ranges for ageing, dull, problematic, sensitive and damaged skins, alongside a selection of specialist, precise solutions that fall under the Doctor Babor line – for those who want serious regeneration and even more sophisticated ingredients.