Pioneer in professional skincare

Scientific research, sustainable products and helping their users achieve beautiful skin are at the heart of BABOR skin care.

Founded by Dr. Michael Babor in a kitchen in Cologne, BABOR went from a vision of an innovative chemist to a modern brand that has now conquered the hearts of all those seeking to give their skin what it truly deserves. The extensive BABOR range began with the iconic HY-OL, a luxurious product that uses natural oils to cleanse the skin which has now won countless awards in the skincare world.

Another icon in BABOR’s range is the ampoule. Each delicate glass ampoule contains the perfect dose of active ingredients to immediately target a whole host of skin concerns. Whether you want to tackle premature ageing and dullness or stress-induced pimples and poor skin health, there is an ampoule for you.

Protecting the environment is part of BABOR’s sustainability philosophy. This is not tied to a specific product but is ever-present in the daily work of the brand - from sourcing the raw materials and ingredients to the finished product, BABOR always has the planet in mind. Their Green Agenda focuses on three key goals for BABOR’s future: having a climate-neutral corporate carbon footprint and product carbon footprint, creating fully recyclable packaging and creating products with clean ingredients which are free of microplastic and synthetic polymers.

They believe that their range of products can make everyone even more beautiful and thus boost their self-confidence. They invite strong women to show their strength and be the best version of themselves by using products that will improve their skin health and confidence.

BABOR offers sub-ranges for tackling ageing, dull, problematic, sensitive and damaged skins, alongside a selection of specialist, precise solutions that fall under the Doctor Babor line – for those who want serious regeneration and even more sophisticated ingredients. Achieve your best, most beautiful skin yet with BABOR.