Malvina Skincare

Specialists in advanced skin rejuvenation

Creating a range of skin care products that successfully bridges the gap between standard home use face creams and in-clinic procedures is no easy task, but Malvina Fraser seems to have done the impossible with her range of effective and advanced products.

Malvina Skincare is the culmination of 30 years’ worth of experience in the aesthetics industry and the woman behind it is known worldwide as the ‘miracle worker’ thanks to her impressive knowledge of skin and the beauty and medical industries.

This impressive range consists of all the key elements one needs to build a routine, from daily essentials such as a gentle SLS-free cleanser and anti-aging face serum to weekly boosters like peeling creams and exfoliators. The entire range is centred on creating specialist topical solutions for all skin types so that everyone can enjoy the results of an in-clinic procedure at home. Each product contains a blend of peptides, botanical extracts and Plant Stem Cell Technology, to eliminate the signs of fatigue, premature ageing and extrinsic damage, without the use of harsh acids or extracts that can irritate or weaken sensitive and mature complexions.

What makes the Malvina Skincare range even more appealing is you can be sure that you are getting the best possible ingredients and up-to-date formulas for the modern woman or man’s skin needs, as Malvina herself still works in a very prestigious clinic based in London where she advises her clients on the best routines for their skin and provides them with non-invasive aesthetic and dermatological treatments.

If you are serious about your skin care, then put your trust in Malvina. She won’t let you down.

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