The Chemistry Brand

Hydration for the Hands, Feet & Body

Achieve good skin from head to toe with the latest range from best-selling Canadian company DECIEM – say hello to The Chemistry Brand.

This impressive range is based around the idea that anti-aging, perfecting skin care shouldn’t be reserved only for the face. Instead, The Chemistry Brand focus on developing products designed to care for the skin on the hands, body and feet, areas that are prone to dehydration and uneven texture.

Unlike many hydrating hand creams and body lotions, The Chemistry Brand products provide high levels of moisture both on and beneath the surface of the skin in order to address everything from dryness and uneven texture to discolouration and scarring. Each product is formulated with a selection of ultra-hydrating ingredients, ranging from naturally-derived Hyaluronic Acid to more unusual extracts sourced from mushroom and red algae, which promise to repair damaged cells and restore a youthful smoothness to the skin.

Stand out products from the range include the Hand Chemistry cream, a specialist formula that dramatically reduces the appearance of ageing on the hands in as little as 14 days, the Glow Oil, a DHA-free gradual self-tanner than delivers beautifully golden skin in only three days without the tell-tale fake tan smell, and the Heel Chemistry, a deeply nourishing foot cream that banishes tough cracked skin without the use of harsh acids or Urea. Perfect for all skin types and ages, The Chemistry Brand products are ideal for anyone looking for more from their body lotion than just simple moisturisation.

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