Advanced Retinol-Based Skin Care

Housed inside this beautifully stylish and simple packaging, VERSO skincare is an anti-aging powerhouse that all complexions can benefit from. Created by Lars Fredriksson, VERSO’s main selling point (apart from its modern Scandinavian design) is its impressive prowess when it comes to developing innovative formulations and, namely, its star ingredient Retinol 8.

Founder Lars wanted to find an alternative ingredient to irritating Vitamin A without compromising on efficiency and after three years he came up with Retinol 8 (known as Retinyl Retinoate amongst experts) which is eight times more effective than standard Retinol.

Not only is it eight times better at boosting collagen production, stimulating cell turnover and brightening dark spots, it is also far less irritating and doesn’t cause the same sensitivity as the original, meaning this ingredient can be used both day and night. Created and manufactured in Sweden, the entire range is formulated with the Retinol 8 Complex (apart from the Deep Hydration Mask) so that all stages of your routine can work together to successfully reverse the signs of ageing from fine lines and wrinkles to dullness and uneven texture. Named after the Latin term for reverse or mirrored view (hence the backwards numbers that grace each box and bottle), VERSO’s simplistic approach to skincare is easy to understand, effective and quick to use, offering those confused by regimes and routines a different path to complexion perfection.

So if it is modern, stylish, effective and understandable skincare you want, look no further than VERSO.