Skin care for the Hyper-Educated

Part of the Deciem umbrella company of skin care and beauty brands founded by Brandon Truaxe in 2013, NIOD is that latest range from the Canadian company stirring up excitement within the beauty community.

This currently small range of serums and concentrates is formulated with a number of innovative, high quality ingredients that not only get results but get the attention of the press. Their approach has always been to try something new and do things other brands don’t and that is serving them well, as the NIOD range is set to expand further over the coming months.

Standout products from the range including the Photography Fluid Opacity 12%, a game-changing solution that envelops the skin in a light refracting, tone correcting haze of blurring skin perfectors to create what has been likened to an Instagram-style filter for tired complexions. Another product to take notice of is the Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%, which contains one of the highest concentrations of Copper Tripeptide-1 available in topical skin care today. This serum helps to not only correct the most common signs of ageing on the surface but encourages the skin cells in the lower layers to behave more youthfully so the skin essentially repairs and reinvigorates itself with daily use.

If you have always wanted a fuller pout but don’t fancy trying fillers or injectables then their Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate is ideal. It stimulates collagen production and ups the skins moisture content while increasing circulation to noticeably plump and add volume to thin or ageing lips in just 30 days.

So if it is innovation and experimentation you are looking for when it comes to skin care, NIOD and its array of serums could be the perfect fit for you.