The UK's Favourite Family Sun Protection

Developed and manufactured by Ego Pharmaceuticals, the SunSense range is Australia’s number one sunscreen and has been a tried and trusted family favourite for many years.

Each product in the range has been rigorously tested and reformulated to meet the tough new regulations regarding the labelling of sunscreens in Australia, so you will never read an unfounded or false claim on any SunSense packaging.

The range consists of a number of different sun protection products, from anti-aging facial sunscreens for those with mature skins to gentle, mildly formulated lotions that are specifically designed for children and babies. Each product is designed with sensitive skin in mind and contains an impressive level of UVA and UVB protection to defend the skin on both the face and body against photo-ageing, UV damage and sun burn, whether you are relaxing on a beach or travelling to work. They recently expanded the range by introducing sports-focused sunscreens for outdoor activities such as surfing, mountain climbing and volleyball. These translucent gels are both sand and water resistant, making them perfect for active holidays or during the Summer. The range also includes a soothing after sun gel to repair and rehydrate parched skin following UV exposure alongside a protective lip balm that provides one of the highest levels of sun protection available for this area of the face.

If you want to try a sunscreen created with Australian lifestyles in mind – by that we mean high levels of daily sun exposure – then SunSense is the perfect range for you and your family.

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