Skin Care Infused with Thermal Spring Water

Picture the scene; it is a warm, tranquil day in the picturesque village of Avène in the Southwest of France. A horse belonging to the Marquis of Rocozels, a local nobleman, is let loose to roam the slopes of the Black Mountain after suffering from a severe skin disease. It stumbles upon the Saint Odile thermal spring near Avène where it stops to drink and bath in its waters. On returning home, the horse’s coat has become shiny and healthy, with any signs of the previous skin condition dramatically improved.

From that day on in 1736, the Avène spring was lauded for its soothing skin benefits and it has been used to treat patients suffering from eczema, dermatitis and burns ever since. It wasn’t until 1989 when this Thermal Spring Water was finally bottled and used as the basis to form a number of other topical skin solutions, bringing the healing powers of Avène to the rest of the world.

Since then, Avène has become one of the most trusted brands for sensitive and reactive skins, with every product featuring a high concentration of the powerful Thermal Spring Water sourced near the village. In 2015, Avène added sun protection products to their range so that those with sensitive skin could prevent UV damage and burning without having to turn to potentially irritating formulas packed with chemical filters.

The range now consists of everything from acne treatments and anti-aging creams to eczema-soothing balms and gentle rinse-free cleansers, with the original Thermal Spring Water still available as a bottled spritz that helps to calm sunburn, post-shave irritation, nappy rash and delicate post-procedure complexions.

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