Unique Sun Protection

Founded in 1992, Swiss company Ultrasun has always specialised in developing and manufacturing reliable sun protection products for all ages.

After launching with their first breakthrough product, the innovative Sports Gel, which remains one of Ultrasun’s most popular products to this day, they introduced the world’s first liposomal-based sun lotions, providing customers everywhere with sunscreens that combine skincare with sun protection.

Now, with products to protect the face, lips, body and hair, Ultrasun have pushed the boundaries of this everyday skin care essential by creating sunscreens that suit the needs of sports enthusiasts, families and holiday makers. From lightweight gels and shimmering formulas that add a beach perfect subtle glow, to sunscreens that shield the hands and eyes from photo-aging, every product from this brand protects the skin while improving its overall health and appearance.

Every product in the Ultrasun range is water-resistant and long-lasting, plus they are safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins, with many of their products, especially the Ultrasun Family range, being suitable for children. Their mess and grease-free products make applying sun protection to wriggly youngsters easy and each lightweight formula melts quickly into the skin, sitting comfortably under make-up without leaving a white cast.

Not only are their formulations impressive but their packaging is equally innovative. Their ‘airless’ dispensers ensure that users always get to use 100% of the product while keeping their sunscreen usable for up to two years after opening.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight facial sunscreen that also addresses the initial signs of ageing or a gentle, child-friendly product fit for the whole family, choose Ultrasun.

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