pH Advantage

Glycolic Acid-Based Skin Care

Developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Cohen, pH Advantage focuses on maintaining healthy skin through effective formulas that are dedicated to balancing the skin’s natural pH and acidity level.

After many years working in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Cohen believes that the biggest trend in aesthetic medicine is the integration of natural ingredients with high tech treatments that have long-lasting and significant benefits. Together with a team of experts, he successfully created the pH Advantage range which includes everything from cleansers and moisturisers to serums and treatment masks.

Glycolic Acid a key ingredient in many of the pH Advantage products, due to its multi-tasking abilities from resurfacing uneven texture to unblocking congested pores and boosting collagen production to tackle the development of wrinkles. What makes pH Advantage different is their focus on the bioavailability of AHAs, meaning the difference between the amount of this substance used in a product versus how much is actually needed by the body to make a difference. They discovered that a lower pH provides better and more noticeable results, for example; a product that contains 10% Glycolic Acid with a pH of 5 isn’t as effective as the same product with a pH of 3. Therefore all pH Advantage products have a lower pH to ensure you achieve significantly better results overall.

Split into five sub-ranges, pH Advantage offer all the steps required to assemble an effective and long-term routine whatever your skin by including solutions to some of the most common complexion complaints ranging from acne to ageing. There is also a range of booster products designed to add extra ingredients into any routine such as the exfoliating treatment pads, the potent Vitamin C serum and the clay-based Purifying Mask.

By educating their customers on the formulations and ingredients used in their products alongside how the skin will respond, pH Advantage aim to provide the best results no matter how new or experienced you are to a comprehensive skin care routine.

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