Cloud 9 Skin Solutions

Problem-Solving Skin Care

After seeing a family member enduring a painful experience with varicose veins that couldn’t be treated through surgery, Armen Mirzoian created Cloud 9 Skin Solutions to find his own treatment for the condition. After putting together a team of extremely talented scientists and researchers, he created a topical cream to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins and the impressive results lead to the development of the existing range.

This skin care company focuses on developing effective treatments for troublesome skin complaints including eczema, severe dry skin, scarring, acne and cellulite, without using any harsh ingredients, parabens or artificial dyes. Using natural botanicals and effective antioxidants in every formulation mean these products can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin, without the risk or irritation.

Aside from the stand-out debut product to treat varicose veins, known as Nature’s Miracle, the Cloud 9 Skin Solutions range also includes the Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel to reduce inflammation and control breakouts, the Tranquillity Cream designed to soothe and soften dry skin conditions, the Skin Rehab Scar Minimising Cream which combines age-old healing techniques with innovative scientific research to heal visible scarring and the Body Makeover Cellulite Treatment which actively encourage lymphatic drainage while firmer uneven skin.

The packaging is striking and glossy, making it unlike any other skin care product in your routine while the generous sizes mean you get an amazing amount of product for your money. The same care that was taken in developing their first product has transcended the entire range, ensuring that this same level of quality is felt by everyone who uses it.

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