Targeted Hyperpigmentation Treatments

NeoRetin is the latest skin care innovation from IFC Laboratories (the brains behind popular cosmeceutical brands Heliocare and Endocare) and is specifically designed to tackle the appearance and development of hyperpigmentation.

Using a blend of well-known skin brightening agents such as Kojic Acid alongside new ingredient technology, this concise collection of products focuses on controlling melanin production and correcting dark spots that develop on the surface of the skin. Each product is based around a unique approach to hyperpigmentation treatment known as Retinsphere technology which works by combining two forms of Retinol to exfoliate and perfect pigmented skin without causing any unnecessary irritation.

Developed by IFC Laboratories, this Retinsphere technology intercepts melanin synthesis to stop the formation of dark spots while also helping to encourage the growth of new skin cells, effectively lightening pigmented areas. The gentle, non-comedogenic formulas are easy for the skin to absorb and help to keep your complexion clear, making them the ideal treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that has been left behind after acne has healed.

The range includes a day moisturiser with an SPF50 to effectively brighten the skin while also protecting it from harmful free radicals and a targeted night time serum that exfoliates and corrects the skin while you sleep to visibly reduce the appearance of stubborn pigmentation in around 12-14 weeks.

Suitable for all skin types, this impressive treatment duo can be used all year round to successfully combat all forms of hyperpigmentation from the very mild to the more severe on the face and neck.

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