Skin Renewal Treatments

The Theraderm story starts back in 1977, when James Beckman M.D set up a private practice in Arkansas where he treated many patients suffering from severe burns before he decided to create his own solutions that they could take away with them after being treated in-clinic.

This led to the development of Beckman’s Skin Care Cream which was created to relieve tightness and increase mobility for very dry, chapped skin on the hands. The combination of mild exfoliant Lactic Acid and soothing barrier repairing ingredient Lanolin not only provided great results for dryness but many of his patients also saw an improvement in the early signs of ageing, from wrinkles to sun spots. After realising the power of this unusual duo, Beckman decided to create more products and the parent company of Theraderm (known as Therapon Skin Health) was born.

After the initial success of the Skin Care Cream, further innovation led to the development of the specialised Restorative Crème in 1989 before the range was expanded further to include a collection of more diverse products that launched in 1996 and formed the basis of the Theraderm range we know and love today.

From daily exfoliators and soothing facial gels to high quality Lanolin-based creams, Theraderm products are perfect for those looking to transform their skin gradually while maintaining the results with ease. Predominantly designed to address the early signs of ageing, Theraderm also offer a number of products to ease painfully dry skin and uneven pigmentation.

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