Treatments for Stretch Marks

SilDerm is a unique range of specialist products designed to prevent and correct stretch marks and scars using a clinically proven blend of ingredients. Stretch marks can occur during puberty, pregnancy and following weight loss or gain. To prevent them occurring, use the SilDerm Stretch Mark Prevention Oil which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the formation of stretch marks using a sophisticated blend of ingredients including Tocopherol (a natural form of Vitamin E) and Gotu Kola which stimulates collagen production.

Alternatively, if you already have stretch marks, you can heal them and reduce their appearance with the SilDerm Stretch Mark Repair Cream. It contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce the redness of existing stretch marks and noticeably improves the appearance of the indentation by up to 70%.

If scars are more your concern, the SilDerm Scar Gel is 100% silicone, working to flatten raised scars and reduce redness. Both the Scar Gel and the Scar Spray (which works better on larger areas) can treat a range of scars and burns, from the minor to the very severe. For very old or severe scarring, use both of these products together. They both dry quickly on the skin and create a transparent, protective layer to allow the scar to mature through normalised collagen synthesis cycles whilst improving the appearance of the scar. Neither will interfere with any make-up or sunscreen you apply over the top, so you can continue with your usual skin routine.

These products can be used anywhere on the body that is suffering from stretch marks or scarring.

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