Fine Lines and Puffiness

Smooth and tighten the eye area

As the skin around the eyes is much thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face, it is prone to showing the signs of ageing first. Most people fall into one of two camps when it comes to ageing around the eyes; they either suffer with dark circles or fine lines coupled with puffiness.

Fine lines are due to a drop in collagen production within the skin which is a by-product of ageing. To address fine lines or ‘crow’s feet’ look to ingredient rich eye creams and treatments to boost collagen levels and plump the skin.

If puffy skin is more of a concern then the focus switches to eye creams that tighten, lift and smooth. If you tend to wake up with puffiness underneath the eyes then a cooling eye gel could be more suitable, as these soothe and lift tired skin to reduce the severity of puffiness. Products that contain antioxidants and vitamins can also help to strengthen the skin while providing some protection from damaging free radicals that are found in UV rays, cigarette smoke and pollution.

When applying your eye cream or gel, use your ring finger to gently pat the product into the skin. Remember not to use too much as a large amount of product can overwhelm the delicate skin around the eye and prevent it from being absorbed correctly. Alternatively you can opt for products that come with a rollerball applicator, which feels particularly refreshing when used around the eyes each morning before applying your make-up.