Hair Loss

Specialist treatments to combat hair loss

Thinning hair and hair loss is often associated with men but this distressing and unpleasant condition also affects a large amount of women. Hair loss isn’t just confined to the head either; it can also affect your eyelashes and eyebrows and can be brought on by a number of factors from your age to the medication you are taking.

Stress is also one of the biggest causes of hair loss and women especially may notice a increase in hair loss following a traumatic event in their life. Hair loss shampoos, conditioners and serums will help by stimulating the scalp to increase blood flow to the area which can help prevent hair loss as the hair is now receiving more nutrients that help to keep it healthy. These types of products also help to rebuild the keratin to strengthen weak hair and prevent breakage.

When it comes to your eyelashes and eyebrows, hair loss here can be due to anything from stress to your genetics, so using a lash or brow conditioner will help to restore damaged hair and stimulate the follicles to encourage stronger hair grow.

Excessive hair loss can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, so if you are concerned then visit your GP for more advice and treatment options.