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Introducing OSKIA Skincare

Whether you’re looking for award-winning, natural formulas or luxurious, skin-transforming products, OSKIA will have something to suit all of your needs and their innovative skincare range is now available at Skincity UK. If you feel like your everyday skincare routine needs a glow up, it’s time to get familiar with our latest addition, OSKIA. 

In The Beginning

After launching in 2009, OSKIA quickly became pioneers in cosmeceutical-level ingredients, achieving over 60 international product and brand awards including Best British Brand and Best Natural Brand. Once a small brand from Wales, they are now a world renowned skincare manufacturer at the forefront of people’s minds when they’re looking for luxurious skincare products. Founder Georgie Cleeve began this natural brand after discovering the surprising skin benefits of MSM. After a skiing accident that seriously damaged her knees, Georgie began taking MSM supplements and achieved results that even shocked health professionals. As a side effect from taking the supplements, she noticed that her once acne and eczema prone skin cleared up and her hair and nails were stronger. 

Homegrown Talent 

OSKIA have their very own lab and factory based in Monmouth, Wales where a team of internationally recognised doctors, dermatologists, skincare expects and nutritionists test and create each product. There’s no gimmicks or over the top marketing with OSKIA but you can rest assured that every formulation has plenty of research behind it and is packed to the brim with bio-active nutrients that work with your skin to provide long-term results. These hard-working ingredients use a patented delivery system to ensure they are transported to the deepest layers of the skin and the cells that need them most. 

Purity and Sustainability

OSKIA only use naturally-derived, nature-identical and clean ingredients that are good to the skin and kind to the environment. You’ll never find potentially harmful ingredients in one of their formulas and they strive to avoid alcohol, SLS, silicon, mineral oil and synthetic dyes, making each product perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. As well as being pure, OSKIA has sustainability at the core of every decision that they make, from the product to the packaging and everything in between. 98% of the packaging used by the brand is recyclable and 97`% of their ingredients and raw materials are sustainably sourced – they won’t be happy until they reach 100%!

Must-Try Products

If you ever feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up then the Super-C Smart Nutrient Beauty Capsules will answer all of your prayers. Each heart-shaped capsule contains a super-charged blend of 2% Super Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Tomato Lycopene to brighten the skin and improve its overall health. The innovative capsules perfectly preserve their contents and are perfect for travelling. 

Time for an award winner: the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. This unique pink gel transforms into a luxurious oil on contact with the skin and it effectively lifts away impurities and breaks down makeup. A potent blend of bioavailable Vitamins and Pumpkin Enzymes deeply clean and decongest the pores while removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. Vitamin A and other potent antioxidants repair and prevent free radical damage to leave your complexion soft and clean. 

Say farewell to dullness with the Super 16 serum which is packed with 16 super nutrients and bioactives that will transform your complexion in a matter of weeks. Vitamin A alternative Bakuchiol actively stimulates the three key processes associated with younger, healthier looking skin: protection against future damage, correction of problem skin and increased cell turnover to visibly improve premature signs of ageing. Your skin will look more even and brighter after each application. 

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