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5 Skincare Accessories Every Routine Needs

Are you looking to upgrade your skincare routine without changing the products you use? Then it’s time to stock up on some accessories and tools that will help to enhance your self-care rituals. From wash cloths to mask brushes, we guarantee there’s a skincare accessory that your regime is crying out for.

Skincity Essentials The Hairband – shop

Not only will this ultra-soft hairband make you look and feel like a Skin Therapist, but it will also comfortably shield your hair from water, make-up and skincare products during your morning and evening routine. This headband is made from super soft microfleece so it won’t tug at your hair or cause any discomfort, plus the high-quality Velcro strip keeps it secure, so you won’t catch it slipping or coming loose during face mask application. 

SENSAI Sponge Chief – shop 

Sometimes, our favourite products just need a helping hand which is exactly what this must-have accessory offers. This soft wash cloth has been specially designed to remove every last trace of product from the skin while gently exfoliating the surface to boost your natural glow. Whether you’re using it to remove your pre-cleanse product, make-up or face mask, this sponge cloth will fit perfectly into any existing routine to only make things better for your skin. 

Skincity Essentials The Face Roller – shop

You’ve most likely seen someone using a facial roller whilst scrolling through social media and this is why you need to get your hands on this one from Skincity Essentials. Not only is its design sleek and stylish, but it features 24 Tourmaline stones that help to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage which deflates puffiness, boosts radiance and trains the facial muscles to maintain a more lifted appearance. This tool can be easily used at home or on the go to truly enhance any pamper evening, plus it can be used on the body to relieve tension and ease tightness. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush Soft – shop

Now it’s time to step-up your body care game. Suitable for sensitive skin types, this sturdy, natural bristle brush can be used all over the body in the shower or on dry skin to aid lymph flow and circulation. The skin’s overall appearance and texture will dramatically improve with regular use of this tool and you’ll notice less cellulite and dry patches. The soft bristles mean that this brush won’t cause irritation or discomfort and your skin will thank you for the extra care it provides. 

Skincity Essentials The Mask Brush – shop

Have you ever tried to apply a face mask and managed to get it everywhere but on your face? Well this product makes light work of mask application. This sleek, compact brush allows you to apply your favourite cream, gel and clay masks perfectly and precisely, ensuring less waste and complete coverage. The flexible bristles move over the contours of the face easily, making the application of any product quick and mess-free and, thanks to its size, it can be popped into any travel toiletry bag for on-the-go selfcare sessions. 

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