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Our Favourite Ampoules for All Skin Types

If you love trying new things and follow the latest skincare trends, you might have heard of ampoules before. If not, then you’re going to want to know all about them. Ampoules have been a cosmeceutical staple in European skincare routines for decades due to their concentrated formulas, efficacy and elegant design. Let’s take a closer look at some of our must-have ampoules for all skin types. 

BABOR Precious Ampoules Collection – shop 

These glamorous looking ampoules provide you with a seven-day treatment that promises to revitalise, smooth and plump your skin. First up, we have the Rose Gold Energy ampoules which contain Merina Polysaccharides to boost cell vitality and encourage cell renewal, minimising dullness and premature signs of ageing in no time. The Gold Volume ampoules blanket the skin in a hydrating blend of actives alongside Coffea Stem Cells which provide protection against oxidative stress. Finally, the Platinum Lift ampoule dramatically lifts the skin and protects the cells against premature ageing and, when used together, you’ll notice that your skin looks more youthful and radiant. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules – shop

Feel like your skin needs a moisture boost? These ampoules have got you covered. When used as a pick-me-up or as an intensive, week-long treatment, these potent ampoules contain a highly concentrated hydrating serum that features long and short chain Hyaluronic Acid which instantly replenishes moisture levels on the surface and deepest layers of the skin. Signs of dehydration, fine lines and dry patches will be no more and after just one ampoule use, your complexion will feel more supple and plump. 

Endocare C Pure Concentrate – shop 

Sometimes, your serums and moisturisers just might not cut it when it comes to delivering potent amounts of your favourite ingredients, which is where ampoules come in. These particular ones from Endocare are infused with a high concentration of Vitamin C which actively gets to work on brightening dark spots and stimulating collagen production within the lowest layers of the skin. SCA BioRepair Technology encourages cell regeneration and rejuvenation to increase the skin’s firmness and soften the appearance of fine lines. 

BABOR Perfect Glow – shop 

As you can probably tell, BABOR are the champions when it comes to creating an extensive range of ampoules to suit all your needs, but these are another favourite for us. Each delicate ampoule contains a skin highlighting formula that provides intense hydration to plump and smooth uneven texture. Added light reflecting pigments impart a stunning lit-from-within glow while Perfection Peptide-3 encourages cell renewal to further brighten the complexion. Not only will you be left with more even and youthfully radiant skin but it will also be protected thanks to Cocoa Peptides which trap free radicals and protect the visage against the blue light emitted from our smartphones and computer screens. 

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