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New SkinCeuticals Neck Product

SkinCeuticals have always been committed to helping people achieve healthy, youthful-looking skin by providing us with products that can reverse the most common signs of ageing. This new addition to the brand targets one of the areas that can show tell-tale signs of premature ageing first: the neck. It’s time to get to know the new Tripeptide-R Neck Repair from SkinCeuticals…

What Does It Do?

This fortifying, high-performance product targets the skin on the neck to transform signs of ageing. The skin in this area is notoriously one of the most challenging areas to treat because it ages differently to the skin on our face and has its own specific signs of ageing which include bands, loose and sagging skin, crepiness and wrinkles that can be five times deeper than those on your face. Additionally, the neck is more susceptible to lines and wrinkles due to repetitive movements that we do every day such as looking down at our phones. This powerful new product has been specifically formulated to address all of these concerns of signs thanks to tri-functional corrective technology made up of three key ingredients. 

The Ingredients

This tri-functional corrective technology works hard to target horizontal neck lines, crepiness and loose skin to visibly improve the most stubborn signs of ageing in this area. 0.2% Pure Retinol is used at an optimised level which is specific for fortifying and treating the delicate skin on the neck, therefore improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Other key ingredients include a 2.5% Tripeptide Concentrate which is a low molecular weight tripeptide that helps to strengthen the skin to increase its firmness and resilience to everyday stressors while a 5% Glaucine Complex, a new active from SkinCeuticals, supports the skin’s resistance to visible neck ageing. 

How To Use It

To use this skin transforming product, just apply one to two pumps every other night from the decollete to the jawline. It’s important to use upward sweeping motions to really encourage the skin to become more elastic and help to prevent further skin sagging. After one week, increase to nightly use and then twice daily as tolerated by your skin. In the morning, always apply a sunscreen to protect your complexion from signs of photo-ageing. 

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