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How To Find the Perfect Peel for Your Skin

The road to a glowing complexion is paved with powerful skincare products from wrinkle-fighting Retinols to sun-damage banishing Vitamin C serums. Each of these strategic products can keep your skin looking more youthful and clear, but there’s another secret to getting your skin looking its best: proper exfoliation. If you’re looking for healthy, renewed skin, then it’s time to invest in an at-home chemical peel for your skin type. 

Home peels are less intense than those performed by an aesthetic therapist, however they still help break down the ‘glue’ that keeps dulling, dead skin cells hanging onto your complexion. They are intended to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells to give the face a smoother and more radiant appearance. By exfoliating the top layers of cells, they effectively clear out clogged pores, tackle breakouts, dullness and dry patches in no time at all. 

To get the most out of your at-home peel without leaving your skin with some uncomfortable irritation, we recommend incorporating one into your routine no more than twice a week. Follow the treatment with a rich moisturiser and of course sunscreen! It’s also important that you pick the right peel for your skin type and concerns to achieve maximum results…

Rough, Lacklustre Skin

Trying to tackle dull, lifeless skin? Then we recommend getting your hands on the Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque from iS Clinical. It combines decongesting Salicylic Acid with potent botanical enzymes and microbeads which effectively rid the skin of rough patches, dead cells and debris. After one use of this expect treatment, your skin will feel noticeably smoother and soften plus, pores will appear smaller and dullness will be no more. To use this peel, apply it onto damp skin, twice a week, and leave on for no more than five minutes before rinsing with water.

Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Although peels are typically leave on treatments, the Verso Acne Deep Cleanse takes the form of a concentrated exfoliating face wash which can be used morning and evening to renew and purify the skin without the wait time. It features Salicylic Acid which effectively decongests the pores and removes impurities and excess oil to prevent the development of blemishes while effectively preparing the skin for the application of anti-acne treatments. Added Niacinamide stimulates collagen production and boosts the skin’s protective barrier while Turmeric provides powerful antioxidant properties and protects the skin against free radicals. 

Ageing Skin

We all want younger looking skin and the powerful AGE Smart Rapid Reveal Peel from Dermalogica makes this achievable. This high-strength exfoliant combines phytoactive AHA extracts with Lactic Acid and fermented plant enzymes to transform and renew dull, ageing cells while targeting fine lines and uneven texture. Australian Caviar Lime Extract gets to work on restoring youthful radiance to the skin while Pumpkin Fruit Enzymes and Rice Bran Extract increase cell turnover and tackle dark spots. This concentrated treatment is packaged in individual doses and can be used every night for three consecutive evenings to reveal skin that looks years younger. 

Dry or Dehydrated Skin

If you’re looking for an easy to use, mess free peel that will hydrate and revitalise dry skin, then the Moisture Glow Pads from SKINCITY skincare will quickly become your best friend. Each of these cellulose pads are soaked in a PHA solution which gently exfoliates the skin while antioxidants protect and clarify. When swiped over the face in the morning, Spearmint Oil awakens and rejuvenates while blanketing the complexion in hydration that lasts all day long. 

Sensitive Skin

Finding the right peel for sensitive skin can be a tricky task as many will lead to redness, irritation and flakiness due to high concentrations of acids. However, The Unscrub from Paula’s Choice is an incredibly gentle scrub which works as a two-in-one milky cleanser that washes away dead cells and impurities while Jojoba Beads softly polish the skin’s surface. These plant-derived beads are pressure sensitive and instantly dissolve when combined with water so you won’t face any over-exfoliation or damage. After just one use of this ultra-gentle product, your skin will be left looking radiant and smooth with no signs of dryness or tightness.

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