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Everything You Need to Know About Bioengineered Skincare

Just like you, we care about what’s in our products but we also want formulas that work – to find a balance between product performance and a good ingredient source, say hello to bioengineered skin care which is the marriage of ‘natural’ and ‘engineered’. This growing sector is on the rise and more companies are now creating lab-grown and sustainable alternatives to our favourite products, so here’s everything you need to know about it…

Bioengineered Ingredients: Natural and Sustainable

Bioengineered ingredients are molecules that come from plants or microorganisms, the desired molecule is extracted and optimised using biotechnological techniques such as biofermentation. This process allows the cosmeceutical industry to achieve and create sustainable ingredients, therefore leading to more sustainable products.

Enhance and Prolong

This incredibly versatile technology can actually enhance our natural ingredients as well as making them more efficient and long lasting. It can also be beneficial for the plant as manufacturers are not constantly outsourcing ingredients. 

Natural Isn’t Always Best

Do you try to reach for natural skin care products? Unfortunately, these products don’t necessarily mean that they are better for your skin. In fact, if you’re struggling with certain skin conditions, you may find more stable products much more effective than natural ones. Bioengineering may finally offer an alternative for skin that can’t tolerate natural extracts and oils.

Better For Our Planet

Similarly to how we think natural products are better for our skin, we automatically assume that they are better for our planet. Wrong. A lot of plant-based products may state that they’re biodegradable and natural, but the process of creating them and harvesting their raw ingredients is actually leading to widespread deforestation. 

The Cons

One of the main negatives of bioengineered skin care is the transparency of product formulation. If you want to ensure that a brand is truly bioengineering their products and formulations, reach out to them and ask. This technology isn’t huge in the cosmetics industry just yet but you’ll be seeing a lot more companies using it soon due to its potential and benefits. It’s also important to remember that as exciting as this concept is, it doesn’t mean that every product will work for you so make sure you’re still carrying out a patch test and introducing new products slowly. 

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