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The Global Beauty Guide

Open up your bathroom cabinet and take a look at all the products in your stash; how many brands can you spot? The average person uses around 12-16 skin care products a day and, no matter how brand loyal you are, we bet your collection includes an interesting mix of names from all over the globe. As our skin care routines become more multicultural, here’s our guide to some of the best beauty brands from around the world.

United Kingdom

Some of the savviest skin care shoppers can be found in the UK, so standards are high. Step forward Medik8, a UK-based cosmeceutical favourite that has led the way when it comes to making active, clinically-proven skin care accessible for everyone. They combine real-life results with luxurious and boundary-pushing formulas to truly improve skin’s condition, while making scary-sounding ingredients like Retinol and L-Ascorbic Acid much more accessible with their clever step-up system.  

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For many years, the French pharmacy was the beauty editor’s secret. The place where those in the know shopped for simple yet effective creams and lotions at reasonable prices. CODAGE takes the best of the French pharmacy and combines it with the expertise of a scientific laboratory to create a range of stylish, adaptable formulas that can be mixed or layered together to create the ultimate complexion cocktail that can be re-worked depending on the season.

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We’ve had K-Beauty, we’ve had J-Beauty (more on that later) but, according to experts, G-Beauty is the next big thing in skin care. German skin care brands are well-known for their scientifically-backed formulas, sleek packaging and comprehensive ranges that have been around for decades, making them a great addition to any routine. BABOR started in 1956 and has one of the most extensive skin care ranges out there, so whether you struggle with redness, uneven tone, blemishes, sensitivity or dullness, we guarantee BABOR will have the solution.

Add to your shopping list… the Multi Vitamin ampoules  


When you think of Scandi cool, you think minimal, functional and natural, and that’s pretty much the best way to describe their approach to skin care. Famed for potent plant-based formulas, Swedish skin care works hard to protect and strengthen the skin during the country’s impressively cold winters and balmy summers. Home grown Swedish brand VERSO Skincare are best known for their derivative of Vitamin A called Retinol 8 Complex that claims to be eight times more effective than Retinol while managing to be half as irritating for the skin. If you’re new to the ingredient, this is a great place to start.

Add to your shopping list… the Super Facial Serum


Home of the dermatologist-founded skin care brand, America has an amazing reputation when it comes to doctor-approved formulas that can easily make the transition from the clinic to your bathroom cabinet. After struggling with childhood eczema, Epionce founder Dr Carl Thornfeldt decided to take matters into his own hands and create a range of topical skin healers that effectively address redness, irritation and, most importantly, a damaged skin barrier which he believes is the secret to maintaining a healthy complexion.

Add to your shopping list… Ultra Shield Lotion SPF50


With sun damage and pollution protection high on their list of skin care essentials, the Japanese approach is more about prevention than cure, with a focus on products that you can truly commit to. Long-time J-Beauty favourite SENSAI rely on key luxurious ingredient Koishimaru Silk, a natural fibre high in protein which has the ability to stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin, to keep the complexion free of fine lines, dehydration and signs of stress.

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If you haven’t heard about the Korean ten-step beauty routine, we’re not sure where you’ve been, but this extensive approach to loving and pampering your skin every day has introduced beauty consumers in the west to exciting new products like sheet masks, powder exfoliators and essences. If you still haven’t tried any of Korea’s super-hyped brands, try Klairs. Made of powerful yet mildly formulated products, they make cleansing and moisturising your skin every day feel more like a treat than a necessity.

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