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Introducing Obagi Medical

Experiencing medical-grade skincare at home can sometimes be tricky, especially if you want clinical-level results without damaging your skin. However, Obagi Medical makes this dream a reality with their extensive range of potent, science-based products that are now available at Skincity. Want to know more about this exciting new launch? Let’s dive in…

The Beginning

After launching in 1988, Obagi Medical led years of transformative research solely based around science and innovation which resulted in the creation of products suitable for every skin tone and type. After 30 years of unrivalled experience and exploration, Obagi Medical is now one of the leading brands in the cosmeceutical industry for scientifically proven and safe medical-grade skincare. 

Precise Formulas, Real Results

At Obagi Medical, they believe that caring for your complexion is more than just preventing and correcting concerns, it’s about unleashing the skin’s full potential to reveal it at its very best. The brand presents users with different lines of products that can completely transform problematic skin and tackle a range of concerns. Obagi Medical prides itself on the development of their scientifically-backed, clinical quality formulations that contain the purest and highest quality ingredients to tackle everything from signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation to sensitivity and acne. 

A Line For Everyone

There are eight different lines within Obagi Medical that are now available at Skincity and each one has been formulated with precise ingredients to target specific areas of concern. The Obagi Nu-Derm line contains Lactic and Glycolic Acids which are ideal for those who have age spots, rough skin and hyperpigmentation. With regular use, this anti-ageing range helps to transform the skin, revealing a healthier and younger looking complexion. 

For younger users, there are the Obagi 360 products which contain a unique combination of highly effective ingredients to target a loss of radiance and skin suppleness. Perfect for those who have uneven texture, dry skin and visibly large pores, this line leaves the skin more radiant and clear.

Must-Try Products

If you suffer with oily, acne-prone skin and just can’t find the right cleanser to suit your needs, then it’s time to try Obagi Medical’s CLENZIderm M.D. Daily Care Foaming Cleanser. It contains 2% Salicylic Acid which works to refresh and renew the skin, dissolving the build-up of dead cells at the surface by gently exfoliating and sweeping them away. When used regularly, this multitasking cleanser tackles breakouts, clogged pores and can also address Keratosis Pilaris to leave the skin more balanced and clear.

Do you want to achieve radiance like never before? Then look no further than the Retivance Skin Rejuvenating Complex, a revolutionary serum that contains a cocktail of Retinaldehyde, Peptides and antioxidants to transform lacklustre skin. Retinaldehyde, which is a derivative of Vitamin A, gets to work on fine lines and wrinkles without causing the irritation associated with traditional Retinol as it is much gentler on the skin. Perfect for first time Retinol users, this serum also contains soothing Bisabolol to minimise signs of inflammation to keep the skin feeling comfortable and calm. 

If you suffer with dry, uncomfortable skin and you’re trying to tackle premature signs of ageing, we recommend adding the Daily Hydro Drops Facial Serum into your skincare routine. This ultra-hydrating serum utilises revolutionary Isoplentix technology to deliver Vitamin B3, Hibiscus Oil and Abyssinian Oil in their purest forms while Omega Fatty Acids and Phytosterols support the skin barrier. Overall, this nourishing serum will visibly soften fine lines, wrinkles and rough patches to leave your skin looking more radiant and youthful. 

Another must-try for us is the ELASTIderm Facial Serum which promises to completely transform prematurely ageing skin. This potent formula contains a patented Bi-Mineral Contour Complex which harnesses the power of Copper and Zinc with Malonate to support the three stages of healthy elastin production. In just two weeks, your skin will have more firmness and elasticity and less crepiness, leaving you looking years younger. 


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