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5 Questions About Rejuvenated’s Veggiecol – Answered!

From Protein Smoothies and Collagen Shots to their Hyaluronic Acid-packed powders, Rejuvenated have created products that are made with 100% natural, ethically sourced ingredients that will transform and tackle your skin concerns from the inside out. Want to know more? We spoke to Rejuvenated’s founder, Kathryn Danzey, to get the lowdown on one of their most innovative skin caring supplements, the Veggiecol

Skincity UK: Veggiecol contains collagen derived from eggs – how does this differ to marine or bovine collagen?

Kathryn: Veggiecol is a natural collagen supplement specially formulated for vegetarians and those who don’t eat fish. As the collagen is extracted from the egg membrane and shell it contains other ingredients over and above collagen that are key in the formation of new collagen.

Skincity UK: Which key vitamins in this supplement help support collagen production within the skin?

Kathryn: The extract includes glycoproteins. They function in cell-to-cell recognition and have an important role in developing elastic and connective tissue. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation and Copper regulates skin pigmentation. Açai Berry is packed with amino acids, antioxidants and omega 3 to support healthy skin.

Skincity UK: Which other supplement from the Rejuvenated range does this work best with?

Kathryn: Veggiecol particularly compliments H3O Night Repair; taken together they help to support collagen formation and work to support skin at cellular level.

Skincity UK: What other dietary changes can people make to help prevent the breakdown of collagen?

Kathryn: Making healthy lifestyle choices can help to keep collagen levels healthy. Avoid junk food, too much alcohol, smoking and other pollutants. Sugar actually turns collagen brittle, so reducing the amount in your diet will help to keep your skin glowing. Eat foods rich in nutrients and those packed with Vitamin C, add berries and greens to your smoothies and consume omega 3 foods including oily fish, nuts and seeds.

Skincity UK: How does this supplement work alongside topical skin care?

Kathryn: When you think about skin health it should be a multi-targeted approach. Start with the inside and work out. ‘You are what you eat’, is so very true; beauty really does start from within. Taking a good quality nutritional supplement and eating healthily will help to build healthy skin cells and your skin care routine is a continuation of this process. You may experience a remarkable difference in the quality of your skin, from the reduction of fine lines to fewer problems with outbreaks and pigmentation.

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