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Ways To Wake Up Tired Skin

Last night, you did everything you could to fall asleep, from chamomile tea to reading, yet, you still managed to have a rubbish night’s sleep. We all know that feeling after a sleepless night where your brain and body feel slow and sluggish but your skin also takes a hit when it doesn’t benefit from quality beauty sleep. Whether you managed to get six hours or struggled to get two, here’s how to wake up your skin…

Time to Face the Cold Water

As soon as you’re out of bed, head to the bathroom and fill the sink with some ice cold water. Grab a face towel, like the Skincity Essentials Oshibori Face Towels, and allow it to absorb the cold water before applying it flat onto your face. By doing this, you will shock your skin into feeling more alert whilst temporarily encouraging blood flow to the face to make it look healthier.

A Quick Fix For Puffy Eyes

It might sound ridiculous, but applying anything that’s cold to the touch is going to transform tired under eyes. Not only will some ice-cold spoons reduce swelling and puffiness, but you’ll most likely find this ritual relaxing and soothing. You can also use the cold spoon to apply your favourite eye cream, giving the delicate skin a much needed pick-me-up. 

Grab the Caffeine 

We don’t mean a cup of coffee here. Apply a skincare product that contains caffeine to awaken the skin and give it an energy boost. We love BABOR’s Energizing Coffee Vitalizing Gel Mask which can be applied to the skin in the morning and left on for 15 minutes, the perfect time to have breakfast, and will work its magic by reducing redness and boosting radiance. 

Brighten Your Day 

Next up, grab a serum that will brighten your skin so that no one will know you had a late night. The Dr. Barbara Sturm Brightening Face Cream  will not only provide your skin with long-lasting hydration thanks to Hyaluronic Acid but it also contains shimmer particles which impart a natural glow to make your complexion appear well-rested and glowing. 

If All Else Fails, Conceal

There is nothing a good concealer can’t fix, especially when it comes to making you look more awake. Choose a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply it to your under eyes and inner corners to make the eye area look wider and brighter. A top pick for us is MAKETHEMAKE’s Ceramide Elastic Concealer which is ultra-lightweight but provides full coverage to camouflage dark circles and redness. It contains light-reflecting pigments which ensure the skin looks radiant and natural, plus its soft-matte texture means that the product will stay in place all day long, so no one will suspect a thing.

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