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Top Tips to Help You Work From Home Effectively

Just like many of you, most of the Skincity UK team are working from home right now. We’ve found that it can be hard to separate work and home life, so here are just a few tips that have been working well for us…

Get Dressed! 

The best way to start your ‘work from home’ day is by getting up and changing out of your PJs. There’s nothing wrong with throwing on some joggers or your comfies, but make sure you’re putting on something other than your pyjamas or dressing gown. This will get you in the right frame of mind to work and will make your day feel more like your normal routine, plus it will make you look more presentable if you have any video meetings!

Create an Office Space (Wherever That May Be) 

Don’t be tempted to work from your bed or the sofa – you need to separate your working and relaxing environments, so set up your computer and work-station somewhere you don’t spend a lot of your time, such as in a spare room or at a desk. This will make it easier to switch off on your breaks and at the end of the day because you’ll be able to close the door on your work space.

Check In With your Co-workers

Technology can play a crucial part when it comes to working from home, especially when you need to check in with your colleagues or liaise with them about your daily tasks. However, rather than just chatting about work, talk about how they are finding things, ask what they are doing to pass the time – self-isolation can be pretty lonely so seeing a friendly face through your computer screen can really help.

Take Regular Breaks Away From Your Work Space

It can be hard to stick to your normal work schedule when you’re not in your familiar office setting, but it’s extra important to take regular breaks from your computer. Working for long periods of time can lead to stress and exhaustion so whether you’re making a hot drink or going for a short walk, step out of your work space for a while to refresh your mind and energy levels. 

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that dehydration can lead to confusion and brain fog? These are two things you do not want to deal with when you’re trying to focus and complete your work for the day. When you’re sufficiently hydrated, you’ll notice that your energy levels are higher and your cognitive skills will improve so keep a bottle or jug of water at your desk to make sure you’re staying hydrated. 

Write To-do Lists Every Morning to Keep You Focused

Organising your daily tasks with a to-do list can make everything much more manageable and make you feel grounded. Seeing a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organised, stay mentally focused and make each day feel more like a routine.

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