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What is ‘Skin Fasting’ and Should You Be Doing It?

Skin fasting is a new trend that is enjoying a lot of exposure on social media right now. It embraces the idea of taking a break from your usual skin care routine in an effort to detox your skin, improve its natural functions and reset it. So what is it all about and should you try it for yourself?

Where has the trend come from? 

The skin care trend was first explored by Mirai Clinical, a Japanese skin and body care brand that describes skin fasting as a way to ‘strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier that is weakened by excessive nourishing, to normalise the secretion of natural oils and support the natural rejuvenation process’. Since then, it has become incredibly popular on social media, with many influencers and journalists trying out this unusual trend and sharing their experiences with it online.

How to do a skin fast?

Skin fasting can be as simple as giving up your moisturiser or serum for one night or can be as extreme as abstaining from your entire skincare routine for a few days. Advocates of the trend believe that scrapping your routine altogether allows the skin to reset and inherently take better care of itself. It is important to note that during a skin fast, you should drink plenty of water, to stay hydrated from the inside, and, in the morning, wash your face using only H20, so that you’re not striping the natural oils from your face.

Would it benefit specific skin types?

According to Dr. Nina Bal, Aesthetic Doctor and Cosmetic Dentist, skin fasting would potentially benefit acne-prone skin, “In this skin type, unless Salicylic Acid is used, you’re better off letting your complexion breathe with no product. It can help ‘detoxify’ it in that ditching your products lets your skin breathe.” However, no matter what the skin care trend, sunscreen should never be skipped as it is essential in protecting your skin from damaging UV rays.

Should you do a skin fast? 

Skin fasting might not dramatically change your complexion in the way that potent serums and peels can, but it can give your skin a break and encourage it to take care of itself without the use of any active ingredients. However, we’re not sure that giving up on your entire routine is the best option for your skin. It’s best to assess your complexion and its needs before deciding to try this trend out for yourself. One thing it may help with is streamlining your routine of any unnecessary steps that your skin really doesn’t need. Plus, you might save some space in your currently over-stocked bathroom cabinet. 

Have you ever tried skin fasting? Let us know in the comments! 

Quotes provided by Cosmetic PR and Mirai Clinical website

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