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Key Products to Enhance Your Cleansing Routine

Taking care of your skin is a huge part of your self-care routine and it’s important to take the time and effort to give your skin a good pamper and thoroughly cleanse it both day and night. However, have you ever thought about adding some products or tools to enhance your daily cleansing experience and even make it that bit easier? 

Brush It Away

We love a cleansing brush and the SKINCITY skincare Deep Cleansing Brush is definitely a staple in our routines. This silicone brush contains a number of supple yet sturdy bumps which safely stimulate the skin during the cleansing stage of your routine, while also enhancing the effects of any cleanser it’s partnered with. The texture of the brush helps to remove daily dirt, grime and dead surface cells, all while stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the surface which leaves the skin looking radiant. 

Chief Of Cleansing

Another innovative addition to your cleansing routine is the SENSAI Sponge Chief which is a soft, exfoliating cloth that is perfect for removing cream and balm cleansers, make-up and even face masks. It has been specially designed to aid the cleansing process by removing every last trace of product and impurities from the skin whilst gently exfoliating the surface to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion.  

Get Your Head In The Game

Is there anything worse than getting skincare in your hair? Well, look no further than the Skincity Essentials The Hairband which is an ultra-soft, microfleece headband designed to comfortably shield the hair from water and products such as cleansers and face masks. It fastens using a high-quality Velcro strip which ensures it won’t slip down your face or come loose during your skin-pampering routine.

Be Kind and Gentle

Tools and products can be great additions to your routine to enhance how your products perform, but it is important to remember to be gentle to your skin as you carry out the cleansing step of your routine. Make sure that the water you’re using when wetting your face or rinsing off any product is lukewarm instead of hot as this can strip the skin of its healthy natural oils leading to dehydration. Once you’ve rinsed your skin, pat it dry instead of rubbing it as this can actually irritate and dry out your complexion, scrubbing away the protective layer of skin at the surface. 

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