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Introducing Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas is best known for being an ‘it-aesthetician’ whose impressive celebrity client list includes the likes of Emma Roberts and Karlie Kloss. At her New York and Los Angeles salons, Joanna offers powerhouse refining and reshaping facials which are what led her to create a range which reflects her unique combination of techniques, all-natural ingredients and technology, all formulated to purify and beautify every skin type

At the heart of everything Joanna Vargas does, she is passionate and dedicated to women’s well-being and health. She has been coined ‘The Queen of the Naturopathic Facial’ and the Queen of inclusivity due to her celebration of women of all ages and ethnicities. 

Clinical Meets Covetable 

The Joanna Vargas product range is an unprecedented marriage of effective all-natural ingredients that produce clinical results. Due to Joanna’s medical background, combined with her skilful knowledge, artistry and constantly being on the search for the best clean, results-driven ingredients, each product creates profound and lasting results. 

Clean And Customisable

You won’t find any parabens or toxins in the Joanna Vargas product line, only ingredients that support your best health as Joanna believes your skin should be beautiful inside and out. She also understands that skin is always changing due to external and internal factors such as the environment, daily habits, emotions, health and age. Joanna’s personalised and highly effective products respond to the skin’s needs at the time and adjust just as life does. 

Purify To Simplify

Each product in the range is naturally potent and breathes life and vitality into imbalanced, damaged or ageing skin. Joanna believes that purification is the most important part of caring for the skin and this goes beyond a deep surface cleanse – it is detoxifying any harmful chemicals or aggressors that can trigger inflammation or unwanted skin conditions. Every product is designed to work its way to the source of the underlying inflammation before making its way to strengthen the skin barrier, all while cosmetically improving any skin issues at the surface.

Glowing Ingredients

Inspired by nature and epigenetics, Joanna Vargas skincare uses effective ingredients to treat skin concerns from the inside out whilst detoxifying to leave you with a glowing complexion. Some key ingredients you’ll find in the range are Chlorophyll, which helps increase chelation and is effective against acne and sebum production, and Epidermal Growth Factors, which stimulate cellular growth and mimic plant-based Peptides to target injured skin after a peel or micro-needling. 

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