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Everything You Need to Know About Centella Asiatica

Call it Centella, Tiger Grass or Indian Pennywort, Centella Asiatica is an ancient healing plant which is making a comeback in a host of new skincare products and treatments. This ingredient is rich in amino acids and numerous potent phytochemicals and has been found to calm inflammation, build collagen, improve circulation and stimulate new cell renewal. But is it just another skincare trend?

What is it?

This perennial, swamp-dwelling herb grows primarily in Asia and first started appearing in South Korean Cica creams a few years ago, becoming a cornerstone in Korean beauty rituals because of its impressive soothing abilities. Thanks to its active compounds and antioxidant properties, Centella Asiatica really does have some amazing benefits for the skin. 

Soothe and Repair

There are two ways that Centella Asiatica is beneficial if you have sensitive skin or suffer from redness, irritation or dehydration. First, the astringent properties of the Tannins directly help fight inflammation by reducing swelling to control pain, redness and itching. Secondly, it has the ability to heal and regenerate sensitive skin. This is possible thanks to Asiaticosides, especially Madecassoside, which has a regenerating effect on compromised skin and helps to speed up the healing process of any damage caused by inflammation or irritation. The Make P:rem CICAPRO Revitalizing Cream has been formulated for dry and sensitive skin types, and contains Centella to soothe and strengthen a weakened skin barrier whilst calming any inflammation at the surface.


Centella Asiatica contains Flavonoids, which are the same kind of antioxidants found in Green Tea. These antioxidants help to neutralise free radical damage caused by UV rays and pollution that can cause premature, visible signs of ageing. Plus, it can boost the production of collagen type I and II which, with continued use, tightens and firms the skin for a more youthful-looking complexion. Dr. Ceuracle’s Cica Regen Anti-Dust Sun Gel SPF50+ contains Centella Asiatica to protect the skin against external aggressors and premature ageing for a supple and smooth complexion.


As an ingredient, Centella Asiatica is effective at improving the skins ability to retain and hold onto moisture, therefore leading to a more hydrated complexion over time. It can also prevent elastin and Hyaluronic Acid from breaking down while improving barrier function to boost hydration deep within the skin. The Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop contains Centella to help maintain a comfortable suppleness while providing the skin with essential nutrients to keep it nourished and hydrated.


Having weak connective tissues is one of the main causes of cellulite and Centella Asiatica can actually help to strengthen these tissues to help prevent the appearance of skin dimpling. Another cause of cellulite is poor circulation – Centella helps to improve blood flow around the body as well as strengthening the actual blood vessels to smooth and comfortably tighten skin texture. Lathering on the Codage Concentrated Body Milk Anti-Aging & Firming daily will infuse the skin with Centella Asiatica, helping to visibly perfect problem areas on the legs and stomach with minimal effort. 

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