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The Biggest Skin Care Trends for 2020

As another fantastic year comes to an end, it’s time for fresh starts, resolutions and new skin care trends. We’ve picked out a few trends and ingredients that we think are going to be big in 2020…

Facial Rollers

You may have seen some of your favourite beauty vloggers and influencers using one of these already, but face rollers are going to be huge next year. Using a tool to massage your face can relax overworked facial muscles and alleviate any tension, but it can also kick start your lymphatic system to help rid the skin of toxins and debris. The smoothing action of facial rollers can even help to aid the absorption of serums and lotions, ensuring that you see optimal benefits from your skincare routine. 

Centella Asiatica

As far as ingredients are concerned, expect to see this one grow in popularity. Centella Asiatica, also known as Cica, is a medicinal herb infused with an impressive amount of amino acids, phytochemicals and beta-carotene which work together to target a number of skin concerns such as inflammation and dehydration. Our SKINCITY skincare First Concentrate contains this innovative ingredient which helps to protect the skin from free radicals and environmental aggressors. 

At-home Peels and Treatments 

Although going for a peel is a real treat, there is something about being able to do it in the comfort of your own home that makes it even more tempting. At-home peels, like the Dermalogica AGE Smart Rapid Reveal Peel, breakdown debris and dead cells to transform the skin and reveal a glowing, more youthful complexion, thanks to their formula of AHAs and Lactic Acid. 


One of the most notable trends that we’ll see in 2020 is skin care products and packaging becoming more sustainable due to brands wanting to embrace zero waste and become more environmentally-friendly to keep up with their conscious consumers. 


This trendy ingredient shows no sign of disappearing throughout 2020 as it appears in food, beverages, medicines and now, skin care. CBD extracts can be absorbed through the epidermis layers of the skin to work as an anti-inflammatory for acne-prone skin and to target the signs of ageing when added to anti-aging creams. 

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