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Our ‘No Make-up’ Make-up Essentials

Keeping it simple when it comes to make-up doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to three products or less. ‘No make-up’ make-up is essentially all about using sheer yet perfecting products to enhance your complexion in a natural and youthful way. So put down the contour palette and pick up the tinted moisturiser because these are your new everyday beauty heroes…


Who wants to wear a thick, full coverage foundation in the summer heat? Nope, us neither! Swap your usual base for something lighter, fresher and more comfortable on days when you want to focus on other things and not how your foundation is wearing, such as the Heliocare Gelcream Colour SPF50. Make-up artist Lisa Eldridge is a huge fan of this tinted sunscreen that provides UV protection and hydration while minimising the appearance of redness, uneven tone and dullness. Apply it with your hands for the most skin-like finish and blend a touch of concealer onto your most problematic areas for all-day skin confidence.

If you’ve come back from a holiday and want to enhance your tan without wearing ‘proper’ make-up, try the SENSAI Bronzing Gel SPF6. This water-based gel not only feels incredibly cooling and hydrating, but it adds a sheer bronzed tint to the skin to even out your complexion and give you a well-rested radiance. You can also use it on top of a tinted moisturiser to add warmth and subtle definition to the face.


When skin is well-hydrated and free of damage, it has a natural sheen that catches the light in all the right places. To fake this glow without using heavy shimmers and chunky glitters, opt for highlighters that give skin a glass-like sheen, such as the MAKETHEMAKE Hyaluronic Gloss Pot. This clear balm gives skin a wet-look finish that never feels sticky or heavy, making it the perfect glow booster for eyes, lips and cheeks.


A little flush of colour in the cheeks always makes your complexion appear fresh and perky, so stick to cream and gel blushers, and apply the colour with your fingers to ensure the shade blends beautifully with your complexion – it should look like your skin is naturally flushed, not like make-up is sitting on the surface. Pat some of the Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint onto the apples of your cheeks for that I’ve-just-come-back-from-a-brisk-walk glow or pat a small amount onto clean lips for a cheeky just-kissed tint.

For easy on-the-go touch ups, try the Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Luminous Lip Crayon. Thanks to its chunky pencil-like applicator, it quickly adds a natural wash of radiant colour to the lips and contains plant-based emollients to keep skin hydrated all day long.

Perfecting Extras

We all know by now that eyebrows frame the face, but there is a way to add definition without spending an age sculpting and filling in every brow hair. The solution? A brow gel. Tinted or clear, they make unruly brows appear instantly more groomed, lifting the face and creating a more wide awake eye area, all without looking heavy or over the top. The RevitaLash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel is perfect for this.

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