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6 Products to Protect Your Skin Against Blue Light

Staring at a screen exposes your skin to a particular type of light known as Blue Light or High Energy Visible Light (HEVL). Emitted by your smartphone, laptop, computer and tablet, this light sits somewhere between UV rays and Infrared radiation on the spectrum, meaning it manages to penetrate all the way down to the dermis where it weakens collagen and elastin stores. That’s why it’s never been more important to protect your skin against technology with one of these screen-shielding products.

BABOR Perfect Glowshop

Although the primary use of these ampoules is to hydrate and add radiance to the skin, they contain Cocoa Peptides which trap free radicals and provide the skin with protection against the blue light emitted by smartphones and computer screens. Crack open one of the ampoules and massage the contents into clean skin every morning to leave you with a gorgeous, healthy glow and an invisible technology shield.

Murad Environmental Shield City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50shop

When searching for a product that will defend your skin against blue light, sunscreens should be your first port of call. They already contain UV filters and many now contain antioxidants and actives that work to minimise the effects of too much screen time. This multitasker from Murad keeps skin protected against pollution and sunlight, while managing to provide protection against 89% of Blue Light emitted by electrical devices. It also has a flattering peachy tint to make skin look more even instantly.

Hydropeptide Somnifera Root Mistshop

A quick and easy way to maintain blue light protection is with a mist. This lightweight solution contains Somnifera Root Extract to protect the cells alongside a blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients which keep the skin feeling fresh and supple. Mist it over the face and neck every morning and throughout the day, while sitting at your desk, for continued protection.

Paula’s Choice Defense Essential Glow Moisturiser SPF30shop

The Defense range from Paula’s Choice was specifically created for millennial skin, as it tends to deal with high exposure to pollutants and technology. This moisturising cream contains an exclusive Anti-Pollution Factor that uses over a dozen different botanical-derived antioxidants to protect and neutralises the effects of blue light on the cells. It also protects against UV rays and contains brightening actives to clarify dull skin with every application.

Heliocare 360˚ Gel Oil Free SPF50shop

There isn’t much this sunscreen from Heliocare can’t protect against. Aside from protecting against UVA and UVB rays, this lightweight gel contains a specialist BioShield System with absorbs High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) at the surface of the skin before it can penetrate the lower layers and cause too much damage. It also provides antioxidant protection and creates a smooth, even surface that is perfect for applying make-up on top of. Think of it like a primer, sunscreen and technology shield in one.

Medik8 Advanced Day Total Protectshop

If there is one thing Medik8 do really well it’s multitasking products. This moisturiser repairs, hydrates and protects the skin against external aggressors using key actives and environmental filters. It also contains an exciting new ingredient called Theobroma Cocoa Seed Extract which specifically provides protection against blue light. Paired with a blend of super-antioxidants, this ingredient provides what Medik8 refer to as an ‘urban shield’ over the skin to keep it healthy day after day.

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