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Top Products to Combat Puffy, Hay Fever Skin

Hay fever season is almost here, so it’s time to get your skin care routine ready. Make sure you have these de-puffing, cooling and soothing products in your arsenal to take on the sneeziest time of year like a pro.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift Algae Masklink

Pollen allergies usually lead to red, itchy and irritated eyes, and the more you rub at this area of the face, the more swollen and puffy it will get. Combat painful puffiness with a soothing eye mask. This one from Juice Beauty combines fried-dried Algae with cooling Aloe Vera to soothe irritation, while de-puffing Arnica and White Tea Extract make the skin around the eyes appear less swollen. Place onto puffy skin and relax for around ten minutes to see and feel a difference.

Beaute Pacifique Puffy Eyes Gellink

For everyday under-eye maintenance during this time of year, this lightweight gel works to quickly and effectively deflate puffy skin. It does this by using key ingredient Spilanthes Acmella Flower, which encourages the fibroblast cells to pull the skin’s fibre-network more tightly together, leading to a smooth and, most importantly, flat skin texture. Not only that, this eye gel cools and soothes the skin to further shrink puffy eye bags day after day.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Creamlink

It’s not just puffy under-eyes you have to deal with during hay fever season; taking antihistamines and constant nose-blowing can make your skin incredibly dehydrated and sensitive. To combat this seasonal sensitivity, apply this concentrated cream to problem areas. It instantly cools stressed skin and minimises the appearance of broken blood vessels – which can increase in quantity during this time – while helping to hydrate and strengthen the skin to keep dehydration to a minimum.

Paula’s Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balmlink

The constant nose-blowing and sneezing during hay fever season quickly makes the skin around the nose appear red, dry and flaky. Using a blend of emollients and non-fragrant plant oils, this conditioning balm can be patted into irritated skin to help reduce the appearance of inflammation, soften dry and tight skin, and restore comfort. Apply it multiple times a day to relieve the skin and make the daily struggle during days when pollen levels are high a little easier.

Hyggee Balance One Step Facial Essencelink

Dehydrated skin is very common amongst hay fever sufferers, so this essence is an easy way to keep the skin hydrated and supple without disrupting the rest of your routine. Patted into the skin after cleansing, this lightweight liquid contains two different types of moisturising agents to replenish the skin: the top layer consists of five oil-based ingredients, while the bottom layer consists of hydrating Birch Sap. When mixed together, they create an incredibly nourishing blend that quickly hydrates, plumps, soothes and protects the skin, helping to keep it looking and feeling healthy all season long.

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