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Solve Your Skin S.O.S with SkinCeuticals

When a complexion crisis hits, don’t panic and pile on the concealer. Reach for one of these problem-solving solutions from your SkinCeuticals stash and enjoy a cool, calm and collected complexion in no time.

Issue: A Painful Pimple

Solution: Blemish + AGE Defense serum

Woken up with a swollen, sore and angry-looking pimple on your face? Take a small amount of this Salicylic Acid-based serum and lightly press it onto the offending spot once you’ve cleansed the skin. It not only clears out the affected pore but calms inflammation, reducing the severity of a pimple after a just a few days. Keep applying the serum twice a day until the spot has completed gone and, if you are dealing with a full-face breakout, apply it all over before applying a moisturiser for best results.

Issue: Dry, Flaky Skin Around the Eyes

Solution: Eye Balm

Applying, wearing and removing eye make-up can make the skin around the eyes dry and, as this area of the face has minimal sebaceous glands, it can quickly become tight, flaky and prone to fine lines. To combat such dryness in a notoriously delicate part of the face, pat this conditioning and soothing balm onto the entire eye contour twice a day. It contains antioxidants and plant extracts to repair the skin while also hydrating, smoothing and correcting the early signs of ageing.

Issue: Rough and Uneven Skin

Solution: Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight cream

With the weather being so changeable at the moment, your skin can become unbalanced and its usual renewal processes can start to slow down, leading to a build-up of dead cells on the surface. If these aren’t removed frequently, the skin can become dry, rough and uneven in texture. When you notice your glow dulling, reach for this overnight exfoliator. It contains 10% Glycolic Acid to resurface the skin while you sleep. Apply it every other night for one week to see a significant difference in the quality and condition of your complexion.

Issue: Shiny Skin

Solution: Mineral Matte UV Defense SPF30

Greasy skin not only enhances the size of your pores but makes it harder for products such as your foundation to stay put all day. This sunscreen acts as the perfect equalising primer to use before make-up as it contains innovative Aerated Silica Technology, which can absorb 15 times its own weight in oil, to mattify shine and create a smooth, even surface. It’s also tinted, helping to minimise the appearance of redness and pimples, and has a lightweight mouse texture that transforms into a powder once blended into the skin.

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