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Top Oil Cleansers for All Skin Types

A few years ago, the idea of using an oil to cleanse the skin left most people feeling confused and unconvinced. Now, they are considered one of the quickest and most effective ways to remove make-up and impurities without compromising the skin barrier. If you’re still new to this method of cleansing, we’ve chosen some of the best formulas to try, that work for all skin types, below.

Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oillink

Oils work so effectively because they attract like-minded substances. That means they attract surface oils on the skin and the oily ingredients found in make-up, making them easier to lift away and remove with a quick rinse of water. This balancing formula from Klairs combines Black Sesame Oil, Black Bean Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil to create a more harmonious complexion that feels supple, soft and nourished after every use.

Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oillink

The first cleansing oil from this best-selling British brand uses a combination of ultra-gentle ingredients to carefully remove impurities, make-up and debris from the skin. Vitamin E soothes and reduces free radical damage while plant oils soften dry patches at the surface, making this an amazing pre-cleanse oil for all skin types. After using it to remove make-up, you can always follow with one of Medik8’s treatment-focused cleansers to tackle things like blemishes or uneven tone.

Cosmedix Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oillink

A reported favourite of Victoria Beckham, this rich oil does it all. Its expert blend of plants oils effortlessly removes debris and make-up while managing to also decongest the pores, support the skin barrier and normalise sebum production. Ideal for your first evening cleanse or as a soft, gentle morning rinse, this versatile formula can easily fit into any existing routine.

SENSAI Silky Purifying Cleansing Oillink

One thing all cleansing oils have in common is their luxurious texture. This one from SENSAI takes things up a notch by including Koishimaru Silk Extract, an exclusive ingredient sourced from Japan, to calm, balance and condition the skin. Yes, it removes make-up and impurities but it also leaves the skin feeling like it has just enjoyed an indulgent spa treatment in just a matter of minutes.

Leegeehaam Life Pure Cleansing Oillink

Massaged into dry skin, this conditioning cleanser effectively loosens make-up and impurities so they can easily be rinsed away with water. Thanks to a hydrating blend of Sunflower Extract and Meadowfoam Seed Oils, this cleansing oil works to not only balance the skin but keep it smooth and radiant. Use it alone to remove daily impurities or as a make-up-removing pre-cleanse before your other cleansing formulas.

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