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What is Adaptive Skincare?

There are many things that make us unique, but one of the most visible is our skin. From skin tone to pore size to wrinkle depth, our skin is an individual and no one appreciates this more than PRIORI. They don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to complexion management. Instead, they have created a range of products that respond to your skin’s individual needs throughout the day, month and year, using clever technology that can determine what your skin needs, when it needs it most. This is what is known as ‘adaptive skincare’.   

Unlike traditional skin care formulas that contain ingredients that address easily identifiable concerns such as blemishes or dehydration, PRIORI Skincare contains specialist proprietary complexes which make their formulas adaptable and therefore able to respond to your individual environment, nutrition level and genetics – so everyone gets a tailored blend of ingredients best suited to their skin at that moment in time.

How do they do it? Using incredible advancements in biotechnology, PRIORI’s formulas respond to what the skin in lacking in real-time, whether that’s hydration, protection, recovery or nourishment, and deliver the best active ingredients at a cellular level – which results in noticeable improvements at the surface. These impressive ingredient compounds include the LCA Complex (made up of Lactic Acid and key vitamins), the DNA Enzyme Complex (which includes enzymes sourced from algae) and a botanical complex that is made up of six raw ingredients to provide the skin with over 30 antioxidants to protect, repair and brighten discolouration.

PRIORI’s core products contain the perfect combination of reparative, nourishing and protecting ingredients to keep your skin functioning at the optimum level during the day and night, and include products such as the Skin Renewal Crème LCA fx121 and the Eye Serum LCA fx130. Taking this up a notch are the Superceutical products in the range, which are developed with the adaptable biotech compounds that give the skin what it needs, when it needs it, including the Recovery Serum DNA fx221 and the Tetra fx250 SPF45.

Ready for your skin to be treated like an individual? Discover the complete PRIORI range here.

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