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7 Lash Boosting Serums for a Fuller Flutter

Eyelash extensions have never been more popular, but there is another way to achieve a fuller flutter. Make one of these lash-boosting serums part of your evening skin care routine and you too can enjoy thicker, longer, and healthier eyelashes for life. No appointment required.

CHADO Le Soin Pyjama – link

If you are new to treating your lashes as part of your skin care routine, this is the perfect product for you. This light cream combines hydrating agents with plant Stem Cells and botanical oils to condition and restructure the hairs from the root without stinging or irritating the eyes. Apply it every evening using the comb to brush through the lashes or in the day as a primer before your usual mascara.

AQ Skin Solutions GF Lashlink

This recently reformulated serum contains Growth Factors and Panthenol to strengthen existing lash hairs while encouraging the growth of new, healthier hairs. Unlike the other lash boosters in this list, the AQ Skin Solutions one doesn’t use an applicator brush. Instead, add a drop of the serum onto the tip of one of the cotton bud-like applicators and smooth it along the roots of the lashes. After one month, most users experienced thicker, darker and fuller eyelashes.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditionerlink

This best-selling formula contains a wealth of lash-nourishing goodness – including Biotin, Wheat Protein, Peptides and Lipids – to relieve the signs of age and stress on usually healthy eyelashes. It not only conditions and strengthens the hair but improves flexibility and keeps the hairs soft instead of dry and brittle. If it’s a fuller flutter you want, this serum won’t let you down.

Xxtralash Eyelash PolyGF Serum link

For XXL lashes, look no further than this industry favourite. It contains Vitamin C, Soy Protein and specialist Tripeptide technology to rebuild damaged and broken eyelashes from root to tip. Brushed onto a clean lash line twice a day, this serum also encourages long-term lash health even during the natural shedding phase.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Lash Recovery Serumlink

If you’re a little impatience, try this serum from Elizabeth Arden PRO which gets to work on improving the appearance of a sparse lash line in just two weeks. This innovative formula contains a Triple Lipopeptide Complex™ to enhance and strengthen each hair to help prevent breakage while a blend of Vitamins A, C and E encourage hair growth to create a denser lash line.

Amalian Lasheslink

Sensitive skin around the eyes is common and some lash-boosting serums can prove too intense for some users, but this Hyaluronic Acid-based gel is much gentler and lighter on the skin without compromising on results. In fact, this clever formula slowly releases its blend of actives into the lash line over a period of hours, to ensure maximum penetration and minimum irritation.

Medik8 Full Lash + Browlink

All of these eyelash-strengthening products can be used on the eyebrows, but this one from Medik8 takes things one step further with two different applicators to ensure the best results possible. On one end is a thin brush that is perfect for painting a line along the roots of the lashes, and on the other end is a brush that resembles a mascara wand that is easily combed through sparse brows to distribute the product evenly through the hairs.

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