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7 Mineral Sunscreens to Try this Spring

Think mineral sunscreens are all thick, chalky creams that leave you looking like a ghost in the sun? Think again! To celebrate Sun Awareness Week in the UK, we’ve rounded up some of the best sunscreens that use mineral filters to protect the skin against UV rays without the aforementioned white cast.

DCL Antioxidant Mineral Sunscreen SPF30link

Mineral sunscreens are often the better choice for sensitive skins, as they work by bouncing UV rays away from the skin instead of absorbing them and redistributing them elsewhere in the body. This chemical filter-free formula from DCL uses a high concentration of Zinc Oxide paired with antioxidant Vitamin E to effectively defend the skin against sun damage. It’s also water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it an excellent choice for holidays in the sun.

Osmosis Skincare Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30 link

If you aren’t convinced that mineral sunscreens can feel weightless on the skin, try this one from Osmosis. It’s incredibly lightweight and sits comfortably on the skin, however oily or dry it is, and never feels greasy even after multiple applications. It contains no Nano particles or potential irritants, and it comes in both a 30ml and 200ml size; that’s one for your handbag and one for your beach bag – perfect!

SkinCeuticals Mineral Matte UV Defense SPF30 link

When the temperature rises, the skin produces more sebum to help keep the surface supple which is great if you have dry skin but not so much if you are prone to breakouts. SkinCeuticals’ matte mineral sunscreen pairs popular UV filter Titanium Dioxide with innovative Aerated Silica Technology, which can absorb 15 times its own weight in oil and essentially halt all signs of shine. Its soft mousse-y texture might feel thick initially, but it quickly blends away to nothing plus it adds a sheer tint to help perfect the appearance of the skin.

NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF50link

This sunscreen is so light, it feels like water as you massage it into the skin but, trust us, it does much more than simple H2O. Using Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to protect the skin against sun damage and an antioxidant PHA/Bionic Complex to take care of imperfections, this sheer fluids makes applying your morning SPF effortless. It dries to a semi-matte finish and contains pigments that adapt to suit most skin tones, providing a smooth base that looks great with or without make-up.

Hydropeptide Solar Defense Non-Tintedlink

Using a generous blend of Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and antioxidants, this lightweight mineral formula provides instant protection against UV rays and Infrared radiation. Not only that, it contains Hyaluronic Acid and Cucumber Extract to keep the skin hydrated and calm during especially hot days while antibacterial Galanga Root Extract maintains a clear, pimple-free complexion. This one comes without a tint but there is a tinted version if you prefer a little extra coverage.

Avène Mineral Fluid SPF50+link

Although catered to sensitive skins, this mineral sunscreen from Avène will work for all skin types. Free from chemical UV filters and irritants like artificial fragrances, this lightweight fluid quickly covers the skin in a veil of comfortable protection. It dries matte but doesn’t dry out the skin, contains Avène’s key soothing ingredient – Thermal Spring Water – to maintain a calm complexion, and comes in both translucent and tinted formulas. What’s not to love?

Jan Marini Physical Protectant SPF30link

For sheer, reliable protection against the sun’s rays, look no further than this best-seller from Jan Marini. Again, it contains the dream team of mineral filters, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, to defend against UV-induced inflammation and ageing alongside antioxidant Green Tea and soothing Bisabolol to keep the skin balanced during prolonged bouts of sun exposure. For those with oily skin, you’ll be pleased to know this sunscreen also contains sebum-controlling ingredients to mattify shiny areas of the face.

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