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How to Treat and Prevent Hyperpigmentation

Watch our video to learn more about how to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation and dark spots, with helpful advice and product recommendations from our beauty therapist Lisa.


Video Transcript

Hi my name’s Lisa, I work at Effortless Skin. I’m a level 3 trained Beauty Therapist.

Today we’re going to talk about Hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is dark patches or spots on the surface of the skin. This is caused by an overproduction of Melanin. Hyperpigmentation will be shown on the skin as patches, first of all they will be of a light brown and then they will darken over time.

The most common cause is sun exposure. The UVA rays will penetrate the skin causing an activity within the Melanin. The Melanin will then rise to the surface of the skin and create dark spots and patches. A frequent mistake people tend to make while trying to treat this condition is they don’t apply a sun protection product. This will prevent the Hyperpigmentation from becoming worse.

The best ingredients to look out for whilst trying to treat this condition would be Kojic Acid, Salicylic Acid and also Retinols. These products are recommended to be used during the evening, as the skin is in its corrective stage, also avoiding the UVA rays throughout the day.

Here at Effortless Skin we would recommend the SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector, the NeoRetin Serum Booster Fluid and the Epionce Melanolyte Pigment Perfecting Serum. When applying these treatments there are a few steps that we recommend you take.

Step one would be to cleanse the skin. If you’re wearing make-up, always do a double cleanse. As a Therapist we always recommend to cleanse in an upward motion as it’s better for the skin.

Step two would be to make sure the skin is nice and dry and prepared for the product’s application.

Step three would be product application. Apply a pea-sized amount to your fingertips then onto your face or affected area in a gentle upward motion, until the product has penetrated the skin.

Step four we would always recommend that you hydrate your skin using a cosmeceutical grade moisturiser. This will then enable the ingredients within the treatment to penetrate the skin. It’s also essential to apply a sun protection product as the last step in your regime in the morning. This will make sure the skin is protected from the UVA rays during the day. The benefit of this treatment would be to minimise the superficial dark spots and also to inhibit the Melanin that’s produced within the cells.

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  1. Sharon Dinglez8mh says:

    I have purchased ultrasun face spf50 antipigmentation the cream itself is fantastic but unfortunately hardly any came out of the bottle I’ve shaken it had it upside down tried to squeeze bottle no use pumping it does nothing because it costcalot of money I have used an axe saw to cut top off bottle and now I dip finger in it I have probably damaged the cream so I will have to throw it won’t be buying anymore sorry. S Dingle

    • Danielle Hadley says:

      Hi Sharon,
      We’re very sorry to hear that you have been having problems with the Ultrasun sunscreen. If you purchase any products from us in the future and have similar problems, please email our Customer Care team at as soon as possible and they can try and resolve any issues for you.

      Many Thanks,
      Effortless Skin

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