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Why Your New Favourite Cleanser Contains Honey

When it comes to solving some of life’s biggest annoyances, nature can often provide the solution. Honey is one of the most versatile natural extracts around and can treat anything from a sore throat to an itchy scalp. With the release of iS Clinical’s exciting new Warming Honey Cleanser, let’s take a look at what honey can do for your complexion…

It’s a moisture booster

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it successfully draws moisture to the skin and retains it until it is needed. Alongside all its other benefits, using products that contain Honey will ensure your skin never feels dry or tight and, on the flip side, it won’t feel greasy or sticky either.

It’s a natural healer

During the honey-making process, bees produce an enzyme called Hydrogen Peroxide which kills off any bacteria or fungi lurking within the hive – reducing the risk of irritants or infections affecting the workflow. Because of this enzyme, honey provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits when applied to the skin, making it an excellent wound healer. Alongside the purest raw honey, the iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser also contains propolis, a mixture produced by honeybees by mixing saliva, beeswax and botanical sources picked up on their travels togethe. In the hive, this concoction is used to seal unwanted holes and to repair damage; on the skin, it calms and minimises sun burn.

It clears up problem skin

With honey being a natural humectant and anti-inflammatory, it makes the perfect blemish treatment for those who find ingredients like Salicylic Acid or Witch Hazel too strong or drying. Using products that contain honey will reduce the size and visible redness of a pimple, while managing to keep the skin balanced and hydrated. It’s also a natural anti-bacterial agent, meaning it will reduce the number of potential irritants on the surface of the skin, significantly lessening the chance of breakouts over time.

It can restore a healthy glow

Honey contains a selection of enzymes that lightly exfoliate and brighten the skin, erasing dullness and combating mild discolouration in some cases, hence its popularity in radiance-boosting masks and moisturisers. It also makes a great botanical alternative to stronger exfoliants like Glycolic Acid which might not suit every skin type.

It works wonders for sensitive skins

Speaking of alternatives to stronger ingredients, honey is one of the most easily tolerated extracts. In fact, it is often recommended as a great all-rounder for sensitive skin types; helping to combat sensitivity while treating other concerns such as acne or dehydration.

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