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The Best Anti-Pigmentation Sunscreens

If you want to prevent the development of dark spots, wearing a sunscreen every day is a great place to start but for stubborn patches of pigmentation, you need something with a little more clout. To actively prevent as well as treat uneven skin tone, try one of these anti-pigmentation sunscreens.

Murad White Brilliance Luminous Shield SPF50link

This multi-functional sunscreen is pretty impressive. Alongside traditional UV filters, it is infused with Porcelain Flower Extract to help illuminate and perfect the overall tone of sun damaged skin. Add to that some much-needed antioxidant protection in the form of Grape Seed Extract and you have the perfect all-rounder for pigmentation-prone complexions.

Ultrasun Face SPF50+ Anti-Pigmentationlink

Aside from being a great sunscreen for all skin types, this specialist formula from Ultrasun contains a combination of antioxidants and enzymes to help reduce the appearance of sun spots and discolouration. It also has moisturising agents to nourish and plump the skin, without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy.

NeoStrata Enlighten Skin Brightener SPF25link

Formulated with exfoliating agents and potent brightening ingredients, this face cream gradually removes damaged and pigmented cells from the surface of the skin while breaking up pigment clusters that have accumulated over time. Added Vitamin E supports the UV filters to ensure skin is protected at every level, so future darkening of the cells is kept to a minimum.

Phytomer White Lumination Complexion Recovery Moisturising Cream SPF15 link

Part of Phytomer’s tone-correcting White Lumination range, this moisturising sunscreen is packed with Vitamin C and Sea Lily Extract to lighten areas of discolouration at the surface before going deeper into the skin to slow the production of melanin over time. As the SPF in this cream is quite low, it’s worth pairing it with a separate sunscreen during holidays in the sun for extra protection.

NeoRetin Gelcream SPF50link

More of an active day cream than an SPF, this moisturiser from NeoRetin offers hyperpigmentation sufferers the best of both worlds. It hydrates and smoothes the skin, but also contains high levels of Kojic Acid and Retinol to lighten and brighten pigmented areas day after day by exfoliating dead cells and inhibiting excessive melanin production. The inclusion of SPF50 is an added bonus and works as an amazing preventative measure to keep skin as clear and as uniform as possible.

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