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PharmaClinix: Top Products to Get You Started


There aren’t many skin care ranges that dedicate themselves to addressing the primary concerns of black and Asian skins such as correcting hyperpigmentation and easing painful breakouts. However, PharmaClinix is here to offer some much needed relief for sufferers in formulas developed specifically for darker skin tones. Here are the best products from the range to get you started.

The Core Basics

For a skincare routine to be effective, it doesn’t have to include a huge amount of products. As long as you have the basics covered then your skin should start to improve after a few weeks of consistent use. The obvious first place to start is with a cleanser, the best product to remove bacteria and dead cells from the surface of the skin morning and night. The Lightenex Face Scrub & Wash is a dual-use product that not only refreshes and purifies the skin but contains potent lightening ingredients like Arbutin and exfoliating enzymes to correct areas of dense pigmentation.

Follow this with an ultra-hydrating and protecting moisturising cream like the Moisturix SPF25 or the Moisturix for Men. Both will provide long-lasting hydration for the skin and protect it against harmful UV rays which can damage the skin’s underlying structure and darken the cells at the surface.

If you prefer to use a separate product for your sun protection then try the Sun Blockex Max SPF50. Its lightweight texture is perfect for sensitive skin while a mix of UV filters and antioxidants provides the most complete protection against environmental damage day after day.

The Targeted Treatments

PharmaClinix offer a wide range of targeted corrective treatments to restore a healthy clarity and balance to the skin but their main goal is to help sufferers of hyperpigmentation.

For those new to the range, start on the Lightenex Bright which controls melanin production and maintains an even complexion without the use of harsh acids. For something more potent, try the Lightenex Gold Serum which contains 8% Glycolic Acid and 4% Kojic Acid to dramatically overhaul the tone of the skin. Start using it once a day in the evening to give your skin time to acclimatise to the acid content before upping to twice a day.

If blemishes and old spot marks are your biggest concern then start introducing the Acnex cream into your routine. It not only diminishes existing pimples but prevents future breakouts before getting to work on erasing old acne marks and discolouration.

Finally, if wrinkles and fine lines are getting you down then you need to try the Anti Agex Serum. Formulated with Retinaldehyde, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Matrixyl, this serum will transform the skin back to its youthful best while you sleep.

The Optional Extras

Products that don’t need to be used every day but which can help give tired skin a boost or clear it out when it is looking a little congested are great additions to any regime.

The Lightenex Face Mask is an intensive treatment that contains potent skin lightening agents and antioxidants to perk up dull skin while mattifying oily areas and unblocking the pores. Just 20 minutes twice a week will leave the skin feeling firm and smooth with a noticeable improvement in its overall radiance.

You can shop the entire PharmaClinix range here.

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