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Skin Benefits of Lavender Extract


Lavender is more than just a relaxing aromatherapy staple; its natural oils provide a wealth of skin benefits to maintain a calmer and more balanced complexion. From easing muscle tension and minimising inflammation to normalising sebum production, these are the ways lavender can transform your skin and the products you can find it in…

This beautiful purple plant has long been used in its purest form to help de-stress the mind and create the kind of tranquil atmosphere that aids a good night sleep but it’s effects on the skin are slowly becoming more prevalent. The two most common lavender extracts used in topical skincare include Lavender Flower Extract and Lavender Oil, both of which come from the actual flower of the plant. The oil is often more concentrated and stronger in both scent and properties while the extract is typically less potent but both provide similar skin benefits.

Lavender is not only great for calming the senses but it works wonders on inflamed and irritated skin. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help to heal a wide range of issues from bruising to burns. For centuries, people have rubbed creams and gels infused with the ingredient onto damaged skin following a trauma to take down the initial swelling and redness, with many experiencing less scarring and discolouration after the area has healed.

Another condition that can benefit from lavender and its extracts is acne. A natural anti-bacterial agent and sebum balancing ingredient, lavender is a gentle non-drying alternative to very harsh complexion clearing substances. Its anti-inflammatory properties also come into play here, reducing the severity of angry breakouts and preventing severe post-blemish scarring and uneven pigmentation.

Finally, lavender is also a gentle cleansing agent that refreshes and normalises the skin, whether you suffer from mild dehydration or excess shine. This impressive versatility makes it a popular addition to all manner of topical solutions from cleansers and moisturisers to toners and eye creams.

Although generally well tolerated, lavender oil is classed as an essential oil so those with a sensitivity to this kind of ingredient should side-step it to avoid irritation. It is also worth avoiding if you have very dry or eczema-prone skin as this ingredient can cause conditions like this to worsen.

Some great Lavender-infused products to try…

Reduce puffiness and visible inflammation around the eyes with the gloTherapeutics Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment, which uses Lavender Oil to soothe the skin.

Deeply hydrate stressed skin with the MyChelle Dermaceuticals Hydrating Cactus Mask which uses Lavender Essential Oil to relieve tightness brought on by dehydration.

Ease aching muscles and relieve tension after a long day with the amazing Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil.

Revitalise tired skin and increase its natural glow with the Epionce Enriched Firming Mask, which uses a low concentration of Lavender Flower Extract.

Remove stubborn make-up without irritating the skin with the 100% organic Dr. Alkaitis Eye Make Up Remover which uses French Lavender Flower Extract to reduce the early signs of ageing.

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