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Why You Need the New iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist


Newly released for September, iS Clinical have finally made the standout star of the Post Procedure Recovery Kit available in a single, full-sized bottle so everyone can finally enjoy its many skin benefits. To find out more about this latest must-have from across the pond, here is everything you need to know about the Copper Firming Mist. 

It contains ingredient of the moment Copper PCA…

Back in March we wrote about the perfecting benefits of Copper and Copper Peptides for the skin and since then the popularity of this ingredient has exploded, making it the name on every expert’s lips for 2015. The Copper Firming Mist contains Copper PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid) which is a synthetic agent laden with hydrating and skin balancing properties. Used topically it has been shown to take care of everything from slowing collagen production to blemish-causing bacteria without causing irritation.

It balances sebum levels and prevents breakouts…

The lightweight spray nozzle of the Copper Firming Mist means the optimum amount of product is released every time so it never leaves the skin feeling overwhelmed and greasy. Not only that but the concentration of Copper PCA helps to control excessive sebum production to reduce the appearance of shine and congestion. This ingredient also has natural astringent properties so it can remove harmful bacteria from the surface of the skin, preventing the development of blocked pores and spots.

It boosts collagen production and skin’s elasticity…

Although it won’t give you the same anti-aging results as a serum, this facial mist has impressive collagen boosting powers that help to restore a youthful firmness and plumpness back to lacklustre complexions. When used daily, it delivers star ingredient Copper PCA into the skin so it can rebuild its underlying structure which has been ravaged by time and external stressors while assisting the other products in your routine so you see better results over a shorter period.

It protects against free radical damage…

It’s not just Copper PCA that makes this facial mist special; it is one of the few toning sprays to contain antioxidant powerhouse Resveratrol. Most commonly used in serum and moisturiser formulas, this natural free radical scavenger quickly neutralises harmful substances that stick to the surface of the skin to keep the development of UV-induced inflammation and dark spots to a healthy minimum.

It quickly hydrates and refreshes…

Like all good facial mists, this one from iS Clinical dramatically ups the skin’s water content to prevent dehydration lines, complexion tightness and signs of fatigue. It is ideal for use after cleansing to replenish lost moisture but this solution can also be spritzed on top of make-up to lock it into place for extended staying power and to refresh it during a long day. It can even be used to soothe and hydrate dry, damaged skin following a procedure or prolonged sun exposure.

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