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Behind the Brand: Interview with Cassandra Brown of Fillerina


Premature ageing is one of the biggest skin concerns for women and men in the UK, so any product that promises to soften fine lines and erase wrinkles gets a thumbs up from us, which is why we are excited to introduce you to Fillerina. To learn more about the range, we spoke to Brand Ambassador Cassandra Brown to get her top anti-aging tips and advice for those new to Fillerina products.

Effortless Skin: We are really excited about this new range; can you explain a little bit about Fillerina?

Cassandra Brown:  Fillerina is the result of over five years research and development by Labo Cosprophar, a Swiss company, to produce a product that has a ‘filling effect’ on lines and wrinkles that can be used as an ‘at-home’ product. Detailed scientific research went alongside the development, in order to produce the unique patented formula and delivery system of Fillerina.

The standout product in the range is the Filler Treatment; how does it work and what kind of results can people expect?

The Filler Treatment contains two steps. First is the application of the gel. This gel contains a patented blend of six Hyaluronic Acids, which is special because they are very small in size so they can pass through the layers of the skin without requiring the use of a needle. Normally Hyaluronic Acid molecules are too big to pass through the top layers of the skin which is why conventional dermal fillers are delivered underneath the skin through a needle.

Our gel is drawn up using the syringe and specialist applicator, which has a truncated tip so the gel can be accurately delivered onto lines and wrinkles or where volume is needed such as on the lips or cheekbones. Leave the gel for 10 minutes and then pat in any excess before following with the Nourishing Film which is the second step and can be used all over the skin for a soothing and comforting effect.

We normally notice that lips have a very quick response to Fillerina, and then other areas, such as cheekbones, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and such take a little longer – most people notice an effect within a few days. After the 14 days you will see an increase in volume and a decrease in wrinkles.

As the Filler Treatment is an intensive 14-day course, how many times a year would you recommend people repeat this treatment in order to maintain the results?

The treatment effect, after using the correct Grade for you, and with normal lifestyle factors (no excessive smoking or drinking, limited sun exposure) should last between 2-3 months. We therefore suggest that the treatment is carried out 3 to 4 times per year.

The Fillerina range is broken down into three different grades; how can people determine which one is right for them?

Grade 1 is for those with moderate wrinkles and expression lines, with the beginnings of volume reduction in the lips and cheekbones. Grade 2 is more for those with visible wrinkles and deep expression lines, loss of volume and possible sagging of the facial features. Grade 3, the strongest formulation, is for those with deep wrinkles, severe facial sagging and a significant reduction in lip and cheekbone volume.

So should new users always start at Grade 1 or can they skip straight to Grade 3?

All the research that has been done on Fillerina shows that to achieve the optimum results it is better to choose the right treatment grade for you, so some new users can start at Grade 1, others at Grade 3. If you only have moderate lines and some volume decrease, skipping directly to Grade 3 won’t necessarily give you better results than you would see when starting at Grade 1.

There are also three other products in the range, can you explain what the benefits of including them in your routine are?

That’s right; there is a Fillerina Night Cream, a Day Cream and a Lip & Eye Cream. Each of the creams contains the unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid that is found in the gel, as well as other beneficial ingredients. The Night Cream contains nourishing ingredients that promote skin regeneration overnight such as Wheat Germ Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil and Vitamin E. The Day Cream contains SPF 15 and is similar to the nourishing film within the Filler Treatment. The Lip and Eye Cream is rich in oils such as Rice Bran Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to improve the texture of the skin in the delicate eye area and also contains collagen-stimulating peptides.

How would you create an effective skin care routine using Fillerina products?

We recommend that the Fillerina Filler Treatment be used on a clean skin, ideally at the end of the day, as the research into Fillerina shows that the maximum penetration of the Hyaluronic Acid molecules is after eight hours so it is ideal for an overnight treatment. If you use serums, these can be applied before the Filler Treatment and this can be followed by your preferred night cream or the Fillerina Night Cream. Following the 14 day treatment course, we recommend use of the Fillerina daily products to enhance the results and prolong them but of course each Fillerina product can be used alone to complement any existing skin care routine.

Can Fillerina products also be used to prevent the onset of ageing?

Yes – the inclusion of collagen stimulating peptides, as well as the Hyaluronic Acid boosting formula means that the Fillerina products reduce the onset of the visible signs of ageing and therefore can be considered as a preventative skin product.

Finally, do you have any other skin care tips or advice for our customers?

There’s a few things that are consistent throughout all anti-ageing advice that I agree with – cleanse the skin thoroughly (I always double cleanse), wear sun protection and keep hydrated. I also think that less is more – don’t overload the skin with products. Instead select a few that are very effective and that suit you as an individual. Of course what you put on your face is just as important as what you are eating; basically a poor diet will show on your face, just as a healthy one will too.

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